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An Enchanted Evening Happened 66 years ago today. Coincidentally speaking.

  I played pinochle earlier today. Wound up winning  $8. In one of the games I caught all the kings. All 8 of ’em! That gave me 80 points toward the 100 needed to win a game. Which I did the very next hand. Now that’s a lot of luck with a little skill mixed... Read more »

Studs Terkel: Radio Host(WFMT), Raconteur and Oral Historian

Born today was the great Studs Terkel* Legend in WFMT’s circle. The champion of the Blue-collar, Who could talk Bluegrass  or Gustav Mahler. *In his own words: 1. “I hope for peace and sanity—it’s the same thing.” 2. “But once you become active in something, something happens to you. You get excited and suddenly you... Read more »

Aimez-vous Mahler?

Musical note:  Gustav Mahler was born on July 7, 1860.  To celebrate his 152nd birthday, WFMT (98.7 on the FM dial) is playing  today his 9 symphonies and the incomplete 10th. When I fret on the stretch of the dollar, And at stifling hot weather I holler, I’ll play a CD Of a lush symphony By the... Read more »

Legal Poetry: Schiller, DuCanto, & Fleck

There are times when you hear in the course of daily life a phrase with the cadence of a line of poetry. Its syllables seem to run—as Hamlet put it—trippingly off the tongue. You might have seen it on a freeway billboard. Or heard it on the air. It may be the casual remark of... Read more »

Happy 60th Anniversary, WFMT

I can honestly say my life is richer, wiser,  nobler, deeper, sublimer, fuller, truer, sharper, brighter, wider and absolutely so much  better in every imaginable way  because of the radio station WFMT, 98.7 on the FM dial.   Most of what I know about classical music comes from  WFMT.  And throughout my  life,  it has been and remains a  source... Read more »