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Fun at the Old Shell Game

For the Cub fans this year, watching their heroes in action has become a kind of Chinese torture, akin to bamboo shoots in the nailbeds.  Of course,  Cub diehards are accustomed to the agony of defeat—10 on a scale of 10..  The  last time they won a World Series wasn’t  Methuselah  a teenager? This year was supposed to... Read more »

Will the Cub Future Be Made In Japan?

A hundred and three years they’ve not had a feast. The faithful are naturally starvish. So Theo, they wouldn’t blame you in the least To splurge on a hurling Darvish.

Sounds Like Sveum---No Matter How You Spell It

So Epstein has signed Dale Sveum Who will manage the Cubs every  geum. What will happen? Who knows? When the Cubs play their foes. At the moment we just have his neum.

Epstein Channels Camus?

      On  October 21 Theo Epstein joined the Chicago Cubs front office. He assumed the high-muck-a-muck title of “President of Baseball Operations”.  He did not come cheap. $18.5 million for 5 years. When he resigned as General Manager  from the Boston Red Sox, he had one year  and an estimated $1.5 million left... Read more »

Blue Gen-Xecutives

Why all this ballyhoo in Cub Nation over Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer?  I get that they are young—38 and 36— baseball executives who were wunderkind  masterminds behind the  ending  of the Red Sox World Series drought.  But let’s not go Pollyanna about them.  At this writing, neither is in the Cubs front office, although it seems inevitable that they... Read more »