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Target Practice: Breast-feeding In America

Today mothers across the country will be breast-feeding in public at Target Stores.  This nurse-in was organized in protest of what happened to Michelle Hickman in November at a Target Store in Webster, Texas.  When she chose to nurse her 5-month-old son in an out of the way area of the store, employees– in an humiliating way— refused to... Read more »

Branded In America

In today’s Tribune sports section, columnist Fred Mitchell laments that the arrest of Bear receiver Sam Hurd “threatens the brand identity of every institution he has represented”.   Mitchell easily translates a  criminal activity into commercial parlance.  We ‘brand’ just about everything these days.  When I was growing up ‘branding’ had to do with cattle and hot irons. With ‘XIT’ or ‘YO’ for a... Read more »