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An American Pole Celebrates Polish Constitution Day

May 3 was  Polish Constitution Day. My aunt will have a Polish flag outside to commemorate it. I won’t. Not because I don’t appreciate whence I come. I really do. I’m just not the flag-waving type. Both my parents were native-born Chicagoans of Polish descent.  They were proletarian people who were proud of their lineage and... Read more »

Trying to Make Capital Out Of A Sin

Growing up a Catholic, I have  examined my conscience quite a lot. Especially before getting into the Confessional.  Early on at St. Pancratius,  it was ingrained in me  to recognize a hierarchy of transgressions, from the most innocuous venial sin to the most depraved mortal sins,  those  that— if unrepented at the moment of death— consign you... Read more »