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The Trivial Pursuit of Medicine

I love trivia. What the New York Times calls— in a series of books— “useless information” has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  For example, did you know a caterpillar has four thousand muscles? Don’t ask me how many abs or delts. That would be above my pay grade. The iconic  science fiction writer, Isaac... Read more »

Happiness Is A Crossword Puzzle

I am a crossword puzzle addict.  A cruciverbalist.  I can’t get enough of them. The harder the better.  Name a variety and I’ve tried it .  The British ones have  anagrams in their clues…pardon me… clews.  Which we Yanks  frequently meet in ours—the other day one answer even  was the word  ‘anagram’—  for this clue: “chemical agent  vis a vis climate change”.   But as a... Read more »