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Are Republican Minds and Hearts Too Glacial To Listen To Siku?

Siku, the unbearably cute polar bear, has become a cyber-sensation. He was born on November 22 at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark. He weighs only about 8 pounds and because his mother could not produce milk, he must be bottle-fed by three zookeepers until he is one year old. His name means “sea ice”—something no... Read more »

One Entitlement We Should Eliminate

  This morning at the breakfast table  my wife made an astute observation.  On the Today Show Matt Lauer was interviewing former vice president Dan Quayle whom he addressed as ‘Mr. Vice President’.  “Why is he calling him that?” she said. “He’s not the vice president.    I told her that I thought it was out of respect... Read more »