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First Place for Originality

(Inspired by a ChicagoNow post by Jack Spatafora) It’s good to be an original In  art or discipline. A Rembrandt’s not a Rembrandt If it isn’t genuine. Like the labeled racks at Nordstrom’s Like the frocks the stars dress in, It’s good to be an original In everything but sin.

Reliving Childhood

    I have to agree with Jack Spatafora (“When’s The Last Time You Threw A Snowball?”) that we shouldn’t suppress our inner child.   No matter how old you grow, you can stay young at heart.  A Twilight Zone episode “Kick the Can” does  a take on this theme.  Charles, a resident of a retirement home remembers the... Read more »

Drafting a Philosopher King

My fellow ChicagoNow blogger, Jack Spatafora, in his post entitled “Backstage—Where the Real Show Goes On”, says that in America today we’re left with two choices for president: a demagogue or a philosopher king.  Jack doesn’t see a philosopher king on the horizon. But if one did materialize, he, of course, would probably  have to drop... Read more »