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A postcard from The Steamboat House in Galena

      For a week I abandoned this blogging arena. And spent it with pleasure in charming Galena. I return with the rain On the Trump watch again Trying not to react like a laughing hyena.    

Getting High in Galena

I took my gal to Galena last week.  We (my brother Wally and his wife Bernice too) whiled away  a few romantic days at the Steamboat Bed and Breakfast there. Glen and Char, the “innkeepers” made us feel right at home. Their place was once the opulent residence of Daniel Smith Harris, a mining  magnate and steamboat... Read more »

The Easter Shell Game

What is Easter without the egg? The two are inseparable. The egg by its very nature  has been for ages the symbol of new life.  In pagan cosmology, heaven and earth hatched from an egg. So it was inevitable that Christian tradition adopted the egg as an emblem of the Resurrection of Christ. By the 17th century... Read more »

Shortchanged in Springfield

We all live in a deadbeat state, Deadbeat state, Deadbeat state. We have bills and we pay them late, Pay them late, Pay them late. Our credit’s risen to a higher rate, Higher rate, Higher rate. Who is to blame but  those who legislate, Legislate, Legislate. They put us  into this financial strait, Financial strait,... Read more »