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How to Edit an Expletive Without Deleting It: a la Julie-Hammervision

  In her post on November 2 “The worst people ever to set foot inside Costco today'” ChicagoNow blogger Julie-Hammervision has this to say, “Costco was nucking futs today.” I won’t say that Julie  lacks  guts For pulling her punches with “nucking futs.” I’ll only observe  that  spoonerisms Are not effective  euphemisms.    

Excuse His French

In Sunday’s Trib sports section, Steve Rosenbloom wrote a stinging column about Bears coach, Lovie Smith. If I got it right, Rosenbloom thinks Smith is a guy who’s on a power trip and any player who questions his decisions—e.g. safety Chris Harris—will get  his walking papers. I wouldn’t want to challenge Rosenbloom on his opinion.... Read more »