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A Footnote to Rose's Mishap

Note: The designer of Lebron James Nike shoes tweeted that Derrick Rose may have made the wrong choice when he signed a 14-year deal with Adidas. I feel the pain of Derrick Rose In body and in psyche. Was it because Adidas Shoes Are not as good as Nike?

Peerless Bulls Get Pyrrhic Victory

Against Phillie Saturday, the Bulls may have won a battle but lost the war. It’s called a ‘Pyrrhic victory’ after a king of Egypt who crushed the Romans in two battles, but at such a great cost  that he wound up losing in the end.  It should never have turned out this way. Only the rosiest-colored glasses could... Read more »

Is A Fan From Dogpatch Responsible For Rose's Woes?

Derrick Rose has suffered a laundry list of injuries this NBA season. A left toe sprain put him out for 5 games; lower back spasms for 5 games; a right groin injury for 12 games; and a right ankle sprain for 1 and counting.   Is it that   he’s snake-bitten? Or  that  someone somewhere is impaling a... Read more »

The Bulls Knead Rose

  Derrick Rose is the NBA’s MVP. Not my opinion. He was named Most Valuable Player last season. A richly deserved accolade. So far in this abbreviated reincarnation of the NBA, Rose has been—pardon my French—hors de combat, out of action,  20% of the time.  Have they set up a hoop in the infirmary for... Read more »

Is There Tao For A Turf Toe?

  Most of us will never get a degree in sports medicine.  Nor become one of those amateurs who—according to G.K. Chesterton—always know more than the professional. But if you regularly read the sports section, you may eventually pass as an informed layman. Take Derrick Rose’s turf toe.  And I imagine he’d be happy if... Read more »