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Turd Blossom Duels The Man With No Name

Karl Rove may have crossed a bridge too far. He is drawing a bead on Clint Eastwood.  Rove is up in arms about the Super Bowl commercial Clint narrated for Chrysler. He thinks Eastwood committed the worst of crimes—implying President Obama did something right.  Like save the American auto industry. Eastwood gravelly denies the accusation.... Read more »

Act Your Age, Hollywood!

Vanity Fair’s March issue has a piece about Hollywood and Human Growth Hormones(HGHs).  Some celebrities have gone public about using them, like Sylvester Stallone and  Suzanne Sommers.  But many others are far more reticent.  It’s all about stemming the flow of time.  Age may not—according to Plutarch and Shakespeare—have withered Cleopatra, but it inevitably  did wither  Claudette... Read more »