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Reflections on an Oscar Souffle

Souffle?  Well, that’s what  Oscar is, after all : a puff piece for the Hollywood crowd.  A shameless bit of self-promotion, narcissism and self-adulation.  But we all love it, nevertheless. I offer a few personal takes on yesterday’s epiphany in the following list. 1. The actor John Goodman may be the key to winning in... Read more »

Act Your Age, Hollywood!

Vanity Fair’s March issue has a piece about Hollywood and Human Growth Hormones(HGHs).  Some celebrities have gone public about using them, like Sylvester Stallone and  Suzanne Sommers.  But many others are far more reticent.  It’s all about stemming the flow of time.  Age may not—according to Plutarch and Shakespeare—have withered Cleopatra, but it inevitably  did wither  Claudette... Read more »