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Toting Totem Poles at Lollapalloza

I didn’t make Lollapalooza this year. I could give you a thousand excuses. But the truth is (1) I hate big crowds (2) I love my eardrums. I do understand that they set an attendance record for the three-day “festival”—270,000.  Which may include a lot of second and third offenders.  On Saturday the Grant Park... Read more »

Mini-Meme Jim Belushi?

Did you know that Jim Belushi has become a mini-meme?  So says Christopher Borrelli in today’s Tribune Arts-Entertainment section. It seems that  things, people and places are nowadays being compared to Jim Belushi. And not in a flattering way. In Borrelli’s  pop-culture exposition, “Does Jim Belushi deserve our bile?”, he  explores this Belushi-as-a trope phenomenon with abundant examples. Tap... Read more »