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A Changing Of The Guard---And Maybe A Wide-Receiver Or Two

  Note: The Chicago Bears have hired Kansas City Chiefs director of college scouting Phil Emery as their new general manager. As their GM the Bears pick Emery A name I’ll now commit to memory. He may receive the benefit From  everyone who doubts a bit. Which doesn’t, in the least, mean I’m Opposed to giving... Read more »

Brian's Brain

Note: On HBO’s “Real Sports”, Brian Urlacher said even if he did fear he had a concussion, he would try to hide it in order to stay on the field. Brian Urlacher, Ferocious linebacker, Vows he wouldn’t stop crushin’ Despite a concussion. The  concussion concealed, He’d  stay on the field. But then he might  sack The Bears’ own... Read more »

Going Around With The Bears

Coordinator of offense, The Bears announced, will be Mike Tice. I’ll let the experts make much sense Of whether this is really nice. The Bears, I guess, spared no expense, And, probably, did not think twice About who’ll do the  line offense, The former job of Mr. Tice.

Tebow Preys On The Bears

Tim, Tim, the Bronco’s son, Stole a win on a Barber’s run. Bent his knee on the friendly sod Giving thanks to a gracious God.

Bearish News: A Thumb-Nail Sketch

  There is a proverb that begins “For want of a nail, a shoe was lost”.  And it  ends with the loss of a kingdom.  It just might happen that  for the loss of a thumb, a championship will be lost.  Bears Coach Lovie Smith this morning confirmed reports that quarterback Jay Cutler suffered a fractured thumb... Read more »

Excuse His French

In Sunday’s Trib sports section, Steve Rosenbloom wrote a stinging column about Bears coach, Lovie Smith. If I got it right, Rosenbloom thinks Smith is a guy who’s on a power trip and any player who questions his decisions—e.g. safety Chris Harris—will get  his walking papers. I wouldn’t want to challenge Rosenbloom on his opinion.... Read more »