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Not So Fast, Mr. Romney. A Corporation is a Person, is a Person, is a Person.

Stop it,  Governor Romney. Stop  fudging and skirting around the truth.  Yesterday, on 60 Minutes you did it again.   OK, you paid 14.1 % in federal income taxes in  2011. Th lion’s share, I presume,  on capital gains and dividends.   We learned that only last Friday when you deigned to open up a sliver of sunlight on... Read more »

Limbaugh Taking Bane For Bain

That Right-Wing windbag, Rush Limbaugh, is at it again.  The target of Limbaugh’s most recent miasmic eruption of anti-Liberal bile is none other than “The Dark Knight Rises”,  the final  installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman cinematic trilogy. It seems, according to Rush (to judgemnt) Limbaugh that the villain’s name—Bane— is a coincidental (and uncomfortable)  homonym of  Bain (surname: Capital),  Romney’s... Read more »

If Romney Were A Verb, He Would Mean To F*** Somebody

Mitt Romney likes to call himself a job creator.  But this would be a gross  misnomer.  You only have to look at his record at Bain Capital.  He was the founder and CEO of this private equity firm from 1984 to 1999. Bain Capital did a lot of leveraged buyouts of companies, which means they... Read more »