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The Case Against Torture As a Function of National Security

  My wife doesn’t like to talk politics.  We seldom do.  And usually I’m on a soapbox doing my Patrick Henry impersonation. She listens and nods her head.  Until I’ve run out of words. This morning I brought up what many are talking about: the role torture has played since 9-11.  The Senate’s report has... Read more »

Justice Scalia Should Apologize Not only to Black Americans, But to All Americans

  Yesterday during the arguments before the Supreme Court on whether to preserve and protect  Section 5 of the Great Society’s watershed Voting Act of 1965, Justice Scalia interjected a very  invidious obiter dictum. Commenting on  the renewal of the Voting Act in 2006, Scalia said it was a “perpetuation of racial entitlement”.  In one... Read more »