Kelly and Bolton have a verbal slugfest: Just another day in the White House.

  “White House chief of staff John Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton engaged in an ‘explosive’ shouting match outside the Oval Office on Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter.” []   Johns Kelly and Bolton engaged in a spat. Each cursing the other, they went tit for tat. By chance Trump... Read more »

Let my ancestry rest in peace

  I hear that no other has my DNA And that no one’s  exactly like me. But if I take the test that my forbears survey. Life loses its sweet mystery.          

Trump meets Kanye. The Ship of State sinks to a new low.

    “’Let’s stop worrying about the future all we have is today,’ West said. “‘Trump is on his hero’s journey right now. He might not have thought he’d have a crazy m***** f***** like (me).'”  [Kanye West winging it in the Oval Office]   Trump sat in his chair in the Oval Office While... Read more »
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Haley to the Chief: Enough affairs of State for me!

  As most of the decent intelligent find Trump’s mocking of  Dr. Ford was so unkind. No woman should work For a chauvinist jerk, Which could explain why Nikki Haley’s resigned.

How Senator Flake played Senator Coons for a fool

  Doubt wrinkled Flake’s brow  like the skin of old prunes; And he reached ‘cross the aisle to a friend and he told  him. “Let the FBI in on this, Senator Coons.” Who  trusted this lie which Flake fashioned and sold him.  

The Revenge of the Clintons

  In anger, Judge Kavanaugh snarled on the Hill. He threatened the Dems in a voice rough and  shrill. If confirmed, they should fear him For trying to smear him. And all because Hillary lost and we impeached Bill.  

Trump's business chops are like a Potemkin village: All show and no substance

  “President Trump has often claimed that he turned a $1 million loan from his father into a $10 billion empire. But a Times investigation found that Mr. Trump received today’s equivalent of at least $413 million from his father’s enterprises — much of it through dubious tax schemes in the 1990s.”   [The New York... Read more »

When Kavanaugh testified he was on a guilt trip

  I thought that he would, but he hasn’t backed out. It was so disturbing to watch him act out. When he asked Klobuchar That rude question, by far, He seemed to admit on that day he blacked out.

On being too sensitive to bodily noises

  Author’s note: The following verse was occasioned by reading “What to do when someone is making bodily noises” in the today’s Tribune’s Life Style magazine.  Page 22, to be exact.   In public in front of you one blows his nose, Or chews gum too loudly or burps from his toes. If  these sounds ... Read more »

Kavanaugh's love affair with beer

  Kavanaugh at his hearing made clear That he happens to like a lot beer. When young, quite a few He would drink of a brew But now sober a judge must appear.