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My crocus choristers: What a difference a day makes!

Last Saturday I introduced visually and poetically a congregation of crocuses in my garden.  They were a fitting image for the first full day of Spring.   Then Monday arrived and Old Man Winter reasserted his presence.  My crocuses were left out in the snow.  Awaiting the next sunny opportunity to burst out in song.... Read more »

Neptune to hit Boston and drop another foot of snow

In Boston the town of the Bean, They’re getting more snow than they’ve seen. They pray He above’ll Stop making them shovel, And  wonder: What does it all mean?

There is an old man on Nantucket...

  There is an old man on Nantucket Who watched the snow fall by the bucket He lives on the coast ‘Cause he loves the sea most But all he wants now is to duck it  

A Juggernaut Approaches From the North, or It Can't Be Winter Yet!

  My brain’s electric grid convulses With thousands of febrile impulses. What’s switched on my cerebral cortex? That frigid fiend, the Polar Vortex!

Andy Avalos: Chicagoland's Coolest Weatherman

  Let me begin by saying I am not Andy Avalos’s agent.  I’ve never met him.  And in what I write here I have no axe to grind.  No parade that needs to escape  the rain. Disclaimer out of the way, I can absolutely claim that  he is Chicagoland’s coolest weatherman, (iso)bar none! I’m not... Read more »

On Balance Summer Isn't So Bad

The following verse came about after I read “12 bad things about summer” on Weather Girl’s ChicagoNow blog ‘Chicago Weather Watch’ It’s absolutely true  our  summers Occasionally are bummers. But summer’s sins are splinters Compared to  the cudgels of winters.    

Tornado: God's Way of Creating Jobs

  A tornado creates jobs?  Think of it. New construction. Insurance claims. Medical and, maybe, psychiatric services too. Well, that  might be how some Republicans  would see it. If  I understand  their world view. Everything seems to be  about money. Profit.   About making offerings on the altar of  Mammon. I would rather look at a... Read more »

Francis Galton: Perhaps the Greatest Innovative Scientist Most People Never Heard Of

Born today was Francis Galton. His views on eugenics, some folks may  find fault in. But you have to give  creds to this brilliant chap For his  fingerprint  ID’s and  first weather  map. [Galton's first weather map in the London Times (April 1, 1875) for the previous day]   [Galton's portable finger printing kit]

Christian Doppler: Shiftless? Not.

Born today was Christian Doppler. Among weather forecasters, he’s very pop’lar. Without him where would Big Bang be, Or police clocking  you on a speeding spree? “A police car equipped for catching speeders is parked alongside a highway. It sends out radio waves that strike vehicles on the highway and are bounced back to a receiver in... Read more »

Willis Carrier: He Showed Us What Cool Is

Born today was Willis Carrier Who made the dog days less adversarier. He  invented the  AC  so him let us hail. Due to him in the heat  cooler heads now prevail. [Willis Carrier with his first air conditioner]