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Will Boehner, Bruised and Battered, Survive?

“And so, yeah, there have been a couple of stumbles, all in our effort to show the American people that we’re here to listen to their priorities.”  [John Boehner] “Earlier this month Boehner faced a rebellion within his House Republican caucus when several members tried to oust him after he got GOP members to support... Read more »

Paranoia:The New Normal

  They tell us there’s reason for us to have fear, That  evil is lurking alarmingly near. No matter the area You live in, hysteria In one form or other is bound to appear.  

On September 6, 1914, the First Battle of the Marne Saved Paris

  One hundred years ago today, the First Battle of the Marne began. Germany had declared war on France back on August 3.  The very next day in response Great Britain did the same on Germany. The Marne is a river that flows into the Seine just north of Paris.  On September 3 the Germans... Read more »

Today Marks the Anniversary of One of World War I's Bloodiest Battles

It was 98 years ago today that one of the fiercest, bloodiest battles of World War I was fought: The First Battle of the Somme. It was trench warfare. And France was the battleground.  The trenches stretched across France from northwest to the Swiss border. The First Battle of the Somme would drag on for... Read more »

Let's Face It: The Republicans Will Never Support This President.

  President Barack  Obama Did apprehend and kill Osama. He’s ending what George Bush began In dangerous Afghanistan. And just in case you have   lost track, Our troops have exited Iraq. But Republicans still give  him grief For failing as  Commander-in- Chief. They hint  that like some Wizard of Oz, he Pulled the levers... Read more »

General John Pope: One of Lincoln's Revolving-Door Commanders

Today’s birthday?  John Pope’s. One of Abe’s generals, one of his hopes. At Second Bull Run  he did not  score a ‘V’, Smashed into  Stonewall, and Longstreet,  and  Lee.    

Ethan Allen: Founder of the State of Vermont

[Larkin G. Mead's marble effigy of Ethan Allen in the National Statuary Hall. Given by Vermont in 1876] Born today was Ethan Allen. Colonial hero, but  British felon. Anathema at King George’s court After taking Ticonderoga’s fort. [The cannon seized by Ethan Allen's forces at Fort Ticonderoga was later used effectively in the Battle for... Read more »

Edward Teller: The Original Dr. Strangelove

  Born today was Edward Teller. “The nuclear fusion distinctively stellar For destruction is  best,” he said with aplomb. And that’s how we got the hydrogen bomb.

Marshal Ney: "Bravest of the Brave" N'est-ce pas?

  Born today was Marshall Ney. When Napoleon lost, he had to pay The  Allied executioner. C’est la vie? Nay, c’est la guerre. Ney, who was one of the military heroes of  the Russian campaign (where Napoleon dubbed him “bravest of the brave”) and a gallant commander in many other key battles,  would eventually  plot... Read more »

Isaac Asimov: I, Renaissance Man

Born today was Isaac Asimov. To his memory I bid a fond mazel tov. Prolific author of fiction and non- Somewhere, I wonder, if he’s writing on. I won’t pretend to be objective about Isaac Asimov. I may have read more of his books than any other author’s.  He wrote more than 500 of them. ... Read more »