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The White House: The National employment agency for temps

  The White House of Trump’s like a revolving door. The turnover’s  heavy, and there will be more. The changes in casting Could be everlasting, Until Mr. Trump’s on the cutting room floor.

Republican finger pointing is par for the course

  Although both parties level the blame At the other for causing this shutdown. It’s the GOP’s fault and the shame For the ape who likes putting a putt down.

Let's face it. There's a lot not to be thankful for.

  What not to be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day: A contrarian’s top ten list #10 Inattentive drivers #9 Mind-numbing movies #8 Discourteous shoppers #7 Robocalls and telemarketers #6 The flu season #5 Bed bugs and other vermin #4 Natural disasters, including forest fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes (no matter what you call them) #3 The... Read more »

Assessing the Republican primary in Alabama

  “In the first skirmish of the coming fight for the soul of the Republican Party, polls have opened in the Alabama special election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate. Republicans face a choice between Sessions’s appointed replacement, former state attorney general Luther Strange, and former Alabama Supreme Court judge Roy Moore.”  ... Read more »

The Black Moses may not see the $20 Promised Land

“Trump administration says Harriet Tubman may not be on $20 bill anymore”   []   Trump says that he wants to have much lower taxin’ So our cash might  have more of the portrait of Jackson. But there is a rub, man, Forget Harriet Tubman. Whom the Treasury now is in favor of axin’.    ... Read more »

Relieving myself of Trump

  In an email I got from the RNCC, I am offered a cup for my coffee or tea. Do I want a ‘Trump mug’ To drink from or chug? I think it would be much more fitting for pee.    

The lowly Bears now languish in what used to be the Cubby hole

  A question I pose is who cares In the least about Chicago’s  Bears? Do these gridiron wrecks Deserve getting their checks While the foisted upon fan now  despairs?

Age is nothing but a number? A brief reply.

Age is nothing but a number; Although my own’s a fair amount. But I’m relieved whene’er I slumber To wake up and renew the count.

Wholly scripted, Trump says he reads the Holy Scripture

    “Instead of speaking to the congregation at Great Faith Ministries International, Mr. Trump had planned to be interviewed by its pastor in a session that would be closed to the public and the news media, with questions submitted in advance. And instead of letting Mr. Trump be his freewheeling self, his campaign prepared... Read more »

Cruz throws a curve at the Trumpster

  “Vote your conscience,” Cruz said without fun. In the hall soon the boos had  begun. “Was that line  in the text?” Said the Donald, perplexed. For he knew that he didn’t have one.