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Obama Speaks To Us Tonight. Time to Listen and Speak Back.

  Tonight President Obama  will let us in on  what he’s going to do about Isis in Syria.  Yesterday he briefed Congressional leaders .  Now it’s our turn. For the record there has been little  if any  debate in Congress about the possibility of deeper military involvement in Syria or its environs.   Congress, after all, ... Read more »

Johann Sebastian Bach: "He Lived But To Worship God and To Write Music."

Today’s the birthday of J.S. Bach Who wrote sacred music for a Lutheran flock. Among the Baroque there wasn’t one savvier. His most famous work is the “Well-Tempered Clavier”. “In writing his monumental ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ Bach once again wanted to create music that would help his wife and children learn to play the keyboard instruments.... Read more »

Theodore Geisel: If He'd Never Been Born, Well Then What Would We Do?

Today is the birthday of Theodore Geisel Children no matter their age or their size’ll Admit they were read  him just  out of the womb, The dear Dr. Seuss, which is his nom de plume.  

John Milton: He Wrote the Greatest Epic Poem in the English Language

[Milton by Godfrey Kneller] Born today was poet John Milton. His masterpiece on Adam’s wiltin’, “Paradise Lost”, you’ll come to find Was finished after he was blind. A soupcon of Milton’s transcending poetry from Book I of Paradise Lost: “Is this the Region, this the Soil, the Clime,” Said then the lost Arch Angel, “this the... Read more »

Alexander Pope: The Wicked Wasp of Twickenham

Born today Alexander Pope, Famous for this succinct trope: Drink deep, he wrote, the Pierian Spring, A little learning is a dangerous thing.*   * “An Essay on Criticism” 215-216 More heroic couplets from Pope: 1. “True ease in writing comes from art, not chance, /As those move easiest who have learn’d to dance.” 2.... Read more »

Perry Como: Troubadour of Television's Golden Age

Born today was Perry Como, Once pop music’s majordomo. Romantic ballad, novelty tune, In laid-back style with charm he’d croon.*   *Remember these songs from the 50s? 1.Round and Round 2. Hot Diggity(Dog Ziggity Boom) 3. Catch a Falling Star 4. Papa Loves Mambo 5. No Other Love 6. Magic Moments 7. Juke Box Baby... Read more »

Are You Tongue-Tied? Loosen Up With These Exercises

Ah, don’t you just love the wacky humor of “The Argyle Sweater” by Scott Hilburn?  It’s one of my favorites. I never miss a day of its world of bizarrerie.  And what an honor to appear in it. Well, at least ,my name, Jerry, does.  And the caption is spot on for me and, I... Read more »

Enter My December Garden

Here are some pre-winter  snapshots from my Zone 5  garden: 1. Irish heather: Diminuitive pink flowers. Needlelike leaves. Christmasy. Northern exposure. 2. Wintergreen:  Eastern exposure.   Great for its upspread growth. 3. Autumn fern: Eastern exposure.  Never has looked better. 4. Gardenia:  Still hanging in there even on the doorstep of winter. 5. Black ornamental grass:  Hardy... Read more »

Twelve Connections To Life Itself on 12-12-12

  If one is the loneliest number, than twelve  is a pretty gregarious guy.  Especially on this rare day, when three 12s define it. There must be something about 12 that gives it a zing, a tang, a je ne sais quoi.  It must be wired into the  human genome for certain. Why else are there so... Read more »

Hugh Hefner: Sex and the Geriatric Male

Playboy Hefner’s eighty-six. Happy that his heart still ticks. Still a magnet for the chicks? He hopes with a Viagra fix.