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Relieving myself of Trump

  In an email I got from the RNCC, I am offered a cup for my coffee or tea. Do I want a ‘Trump mug’ To drink from or chug? I think it would be much more fitting for pee.    

The lowly Bears now languish in what used to be the Cubby hole

  A question I pose is who cares In the least about Chicago’s  Bears? Do these gridiron wrecks Deserve getting their checks While the foisted upon fan now  despairs?

Age is nothing but a number? A brief reply.

Age is nothing but a number; Although my own’s a fair amount. But I’m relieved whene’er I slumber To wake up and renew the count.

Wholly scripted, Trump says he reads the Holy Scripture

    “Instead of speaking to the congregation at Great Faith Ministries International, Mr. Trump had planned to be interviewed by its pastor in a session that would be closed to the public and the news media, with questions submitted in advance. And instead of letting Mr. Trump be his freewheeling self, his campaign prepared... Read more »

Cruz throws a curve at the Trumpster

  “Vote your conscience,” Cruz said without fun. In the hall soon the boos had  begun. “Was that line  in the text?” Said the Donald, perplexed. For he knew that he didn’t have one.

Afghanistan: the graveyard of empires (and democracies?)

  “President Obama said Wednesday that he planned to leave 8,400 American troops in Afghanistan until the end of his term, further slowing the drawdown in a 14-year war that Mr. Obama pledged to end on his watch but now seems likely to grind on indefinitely.” []   Obama’s not leaving Afghanistan. I think we’ll... Read more »

Perfect game on tap for Arrieta?

  Tonight  Arrieta skewers The Milwaukee Brewers. Adding to his illustrious fame With a perfect game?

A Liberal assessment of Donald Trump

  One of my frequent commenters, 4zen, wonders if I’m starting to like Donald Trump.  Bite my tongue. No question, he’s a B candidate.  As in B-movie. B as in brash, brazen, braggart, bumptious, bizarre, badass, bull-in-the-china-shop. And the ever-popular, bloviating. Did I leave any out? I like the sideshow he’s orchestrating. How not to... Read more »

This Is It for the 12 Days Of Christmas

  Today is the last of the 12 days of Christmas. Remember? 12 Lords a-leaping. Or is that 12 drummers drumming? In any event, it’s the 12th day. And in a few hours, the twelfth night, the eponym of a Shakespeare comedy with the memorable opening line: “If music be the food of love, play... Read more »

Advice to Anyone Contemplating Marriage

  Headline in the Life + Style section of the Sunday Tribune: “Lavish wedding may increase risk of divorce: study” A study shows the more you spend On your wedding speeds its end. Fewer guests and more expense Aren’t good ideas;  hence If you plan on getting hitched Be frugal and  you won’t be ditched.