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Is the biggest moon since 1948 a reaction to the election?

  Is the supermoon shining tonight What the cosmos is thinking of  Trump? On reflection is our solar light Showing him its contempt with its  rump?  

Friday the 13th and an Assortment of other Superstitions

  Franklin Delano Roosevelt suffered from it.  And a survey taken  by American Demographics in 2000 concluded that well over 30 million Americans may have it. There’s even a sesquipedalian word for it: friggatriskaidekaphobia. Fear of Friday the 13th.   The Norse goddess Frigga (Friday’s eponym) + triskaideka (Greek for 13) + phobia (irrational fear). Of... Read more »

Edgar Allen Poe: Maven of the Macabre

Today is the birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. For mystery and horror, an author  to know. His  Raven’s a favorite I have to confess. Poe died, sad to say, broken-down, penniless. (Edward Gorey)   “No doubt I now grew very pale;—but I talked more fluently, and with a heightened voice. Yet the sound increased—and what... Read more »

Nostradamus: Some Swear by Him: Predictably

Born today was Nostradamus. On his prophecy props, I’m a true Doubting Thomas. You can decode a text  anyway that  you choose When essentially  cryptic and clearly  abstruse.

Jacques Cousteau: Oceanography Technician--"Allez voir"

Born today was Jacques Cousteau. Explored the Seas for miles below. There vast expanses he did see And showed us them  with photography.   “If somebody said: ‘what do you expect to see at the bottom of the Romanche Trench?’ — which they were the first to photograph — he would say: ‘If I knew what I... Read more »

Shopping with Big Brother

Marketing News: “An Italian mannequin manufacturer called Almax has designed a mannequin equipped with surveillance cameras behind the life size dolls’ eyes. These sneaky marketing schemes are already being used by retailers in the U.S. as well as three European countries.” That mannequin in stylish clothes With eyes that do not blink. Who’s standing... Read more »

By Coincidence How Progressive Ed Schultz Finds a Republican He Agrees With

I’ve written about coincidences twice before: “Life is a Synchronicity” (9-21-11) and “Coincidences:The Devil’s in the Details” (9-29-12).  It’s said the third time’s a charm. So here’s another go at it. Today I heard Progressive talker, Ed Schultz [one of my favorites] say on his radio show—aired here on WCPT—that one of those uncanny coincidences... Read more »