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Sunday Football: Dead Man Tackling and Bears Rise from the Dead

  It wasn’t pretty most of the time nor a textbook win, but our Bears pulled an upset of the mighty (?) San Francisco 49ers.  The Tribune NFL mavens  had written off the Bears in their weekly reading of the tea leaves.  And just about everyone  agreed with them. Except the Bears themselves.  They laid... Read more »

Why Do We Put Up With All the Huckstering?

  I’m tired of commercial spots, The car ads and the phone ads; I would put down the TV set, But haven’t got the gonads.

Andy Avalos: Chicagoland's Coolest Weatherman

  Let me begin by saying I am not Andy Avalos’s agent.  I’ve never met him.  And in what I write here I have no axe to grind.  No parade that needs to escape  the rain. Disclaimer out of the way, I can absolutely claim that  he is Chicagoland’s coolest weatherman, (iso)bar none! I’m not... Read more »

How I Got Vertigo From Sean Hannity's Spin On Cliven Bundy

  I made sure I caught Sean Hannity on Fox last night.  I expected to see him eat crow over the Cliven Bundy misstep. That is, Crow with a Jim before it. Hannity had promoted the misguided sovereign citizen Bundy who was defying the Federal government over grazing fees on its land. Understand, that’s land... Read more »

Bill O'Reilly Takes Aim At Stephen Colbert

  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My!  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My! Not to worry, Fox Nation. Bill O’Reilly has his blunderbuss and will protect ye. As Christians close in on their holiest day, Easter,  Bill has put on the  armor of righteousness  to  join  battle with yet   another Anti-Christ: Stephen Colbert.  And... Read more »

Marlin Perkins: A Man Noah Would Have Loved

Born today was Marlin Perkins Whose TV show combed wild lurkin’s. At the zoo, once, near the lake, He was  bitten  by a poisonous snake.   It happened at Lincoln Park Zoo in the early 1950s.  Years later he described what happened in an interview. “Another reptile mishap was less chilling but perhaps more embarrassing,... Read more »

Lawrence Welk: And A One and A Two and A Happy Birthday!

  Born today was Lawrence Welk In North Dakota land of  elk. On the road to success he did cut his Knot Gordian By leading a band and by playing accordion.

Jack Benny: 39 Forever!

  This is the birthday of  Jack Benny Who reputedly  saved his very first penny. Though his violin playing was rather discordant, In the annals of humor  he’s  soundly important. “Last night Jack Benny played Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn lost.” [Isaac Stern]

Betty White: Beloved Comedienne With Remarkable Staying Power

Born today was Betty White Who somewhere in reruns can be seen every night. Her career has been such anyone to embolden To say she is one girl who truly is golden.

Walter Cronkite: America's Anchorman: "And That's the Way It Is"

Today’s birthday is Walter Cronkite’s. He told us what’s happening on CBS nights. A president’s death or the latest in space, He described with commanding  avuncular face. Notes: (1) “The PBS special “JFK One P.M. Central Standard Time” which airs on November 13 will recognize Cronkite’s emotional yet professionally restrained reporting of President Kennedy’s death. (2)... Read more »