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Sunday Football: Dead Man Tackling and Bears Rise from the Dead

  It wasn’t pretty most of the time nor a textbook win, but our Bears pulled an upset of the mighty (?) San Francisco 49ers.  The Tribune NFL mavens  had written off the Bears in their weekly reading of the tea leaves.  And just about everyone  agreed with them. Except the Bears themselves.  They laid... Read more »

Get Ready For the World Cup With This Quiz on Brazil

When the World Cup opens tomorrow, Brazil will take center stage for millions of people around the world. So what better time to brush up on your knowledge of this fascinating South American nation. Here’s a quiz to get you started. 1. Brazil is one of the BRIC countries who are at a similar stage... Read more »

Cy Young: The Hallmark of Hurlers

Today’s the birthday of Cy Young, For his pitching  a host of  hosannas are sung. He threw 3 no-hitters and is so adored That HIS  name is on the best-pitcher award. “One of the fellows called me Cyclone, but finally shortened it to ‘Cy’ and its been that ever since.” The last White Sox pitcher... Read more »

Babe Ruth: The Sultan of Swat

Today’s the birthday of Babe Ruth. Once the idol of American youth. Our love of baseball grew to a  passion When he propelled  the home run into fashion.   “The fascination with his life and career continues. He is a bombastic, sloppy hero from our bombastic, sloppy history, origins undetermined, a folk tale of American... Read more »

Pete Dye: The Genius of Fairways, Of Course

Today’s the birthday of Pete Dye. Designed many courses where  pro golfers vie. Aesthetically pleasing they are to the eye, Where duffers and golf balls can  mutually lie.   [Pete Dye's course at French Lick Resort in Indiana]   Top Pete Dye Course You Can Play Whistling Straits (Wisconsin) The site of the 2004 and... Read more »

Pele: The Apotheosis of Athleticism

Today is the birthday of Pele Who afield could elude any melee. Next to his name  a star’s on his locker: For being  the greatest to ever play soccer. “I arrived hoping to stop a great man, but I went away convinced I had been undone by someone who was not born on the same planet as the rest of... Read more »

Jesse Owens: His Race Was Superior

Born today was Jesse Owens, Among Olympian well-knowns. In ’36 before the Fuehrer Proved  the Aryan wasn’t purer. Owens won the gold medal for the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the 100 meter relay, and the long jump. Oddly enough, FDR did not honor him for his achievements. Hitler sent him an autographed photo of... Read more »

Rocky Marciano: Unbeatable Heavyweight

  Born today Champion Rocky Marciano Who’d connect with a punch in a second or nano. Undefeated he was in all 49 bouts; 43 of them merciful classic knockouts.

Don King: When It Comes to Hype He Knows the Ropes

Today’s the birthday of  Don King, Promoter of championship fights in the ring. Those  of us older more likely than  young’ll Remember the Thrilla in Manila and the Rumble in the Jungle.

Gale Sayers: The Elusive Kansas Comet

Born today was Gale Sayers One of football’s greatest players. Flashed across the gridiron runways; Rarer than a month of Sundays.