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A Reflection on Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner

  All people at birth God does render A man or a woman in gender But there are some times when He’ll mix  women with men Genetically as in a blender.

Sex? It depends on the time.

Note: A new study shows that men prefer sex early in the day while women like it more late at night.   The sex drive in men is diurnal; But women get turned on nocturnal. For a roll in the hay To be fair in a way. I suggest enter it in a journal.  

In defense of Bruce Jenner

  Sex might  be a kind  of athletics. Sex  has its own niche in aesthetics. It’s for procreation But its orientation Is not someone’s choice. It’s genetics.    

Is Cindy Crawford's Body All That Important?

  The above unvarnished photo of Cindy Crawford at the ripe-old age of 47 has gone viral. Which means it’s enjoying an ephemeral buzzfest on social media.  Some are talking about it like it’s a watershed for the feminist movement.  “Empowering”. “A teachable moment”. The photo appeared in a 2013 edition of the fashion-beauty-health  magazine... Read more »

These Men Have the Hots for Sex

Science Headline: French researchers claim men with an appetite for spicy food are ‘alpha males’ with higher levels of testosterone. (The Telegraph) Men who savor spicy foods Are better for erotic moods. Purportedly a study has shown These males have more testosterone. On them a jalapeno acts Like sundry aphrodisiacs. So looking for a stallion,... Read more »

Sex: Getting a Heart On

  Medical Note: “Less than 1 percent of all heart attacks occur during sexual activity. The risk is as low for men who have suffered a heart attack as it is for those without heart disease.” [from the advice column of Dr. Anthony Komaroff] Having sharp pains in your chest? Refrain from sex in your... Read more »

Anais Nin: Libido as Liberation

  Today is the birthday of Anais Nin. The conventional would  say she’s lewd and  obscene. A provocative novel of hers  in  this genus? Erotically titled “The Delta of Venus”.   “50 Shades of Grey” eat your heart out.  

Jules Feiffer: Avant-garde Cartoonist

Born today was  Jules Fieffer His angst is rife, but his anger rifer. His comics are equal opportunity satire. On what we are driven he shows us the flat tire.

Georgia O'Keefe: Liberated Artist Who Blossomed in the Desert

Born today was Georgia O’Keefe. New Mexico was her artistic fief. She painted that land, sun-drenched  and thirsty for showers. And her canvasses burst with enormously sensual flowers.  

Charles Dana Gibson: A Trailblazer for Women's Lib

Born today was  Charles Dana Gibson. Reimaging the fair sex he earned his nibs in. He drew them hair-stacked, narrow-waist, Independent, free, but in good taste. But absolutely NOT strait-laced. “He [Lawrence of Arabia] soon found a soul mate in his hostess, Nancy Astor, Britain’s first woman member of Parliament, and perhaps the most energetic, flamboyant,... Read more »