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Pat Sajak Tweets Twaddle

  Nobody would mistake Pat Sajak for an scientist of any sort, let alone an expert on climate change. So why on Twitter is  Mr. Wheel of Fortune  weighing in on such a serious issue? Here is what Mr. Sajak tweeted yesterday that has raised this question. “I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic... Read more »

On Pope Francis and the Baptism of Martians

  Was Pope Francis pulling our legs last Monday when he said he would baptize a Martian? It is a hypothetical, of course.  His point was that the Church is inclusive and will not turn away any who sincerely seek redemption.  A very kind, noble,  and compassionate gesture, to be sure. And consistent with the... Read more »

What's Your Element I.Q. Take This Quiz and Find Out.

  Here’s a short quiz to test your knowledge of the Periodic Table. If you get more than 7 right your element I.Q. has bragging rights. Otherwise, it’s time to brush up by consulting (as I did) “The Elements” by Theodore Grey. Good Luck!   1. Only Oxygen occurs in a larger quantity than this... Read more »

Mickey Rooney and Thomas Edison

  On Sunday Mickey Rooney gave a command performance for his Maker . I hope he got good reviews. Mickey was a genuine Hollywood movie star.  In his  salad days he was usually boffo at the  box office. Coincidentally, on the day Rooney passed on, the   Quote-Acrostic  in the Tribune’s “Life and Style” section ... Read more »

William Harvey: He Found Vessels Make Round Trips With Their Cargo. No Foolin'

Born today was William Harvey Who  said our  blood in circles flows. To and from the heart  (How Marvy!) Through veins and arteries it goes.   With this birthday-in-verse post, I too have come full circle. What started with William Harvey now ends with William Harvey  I hope you have enjoyed reading these as much... Read more »

Joseph Priestley: Jefferson Said His Was "One of the Few Lives Precious to Mankind".

Born today was Joseph Priestley, Dissenter, he was treated beastly, Yet  to  ID oxygen was able, The 8th on the Periodic table. Priestley was a product of the Enlightenment, a genius far ahead of his time. He was one of the founders  of utilitarianism, which said that morality is based on  the greatest happiness for... Read more »

B.F. Skinner: Behavioral Psychologist Who Thought Outside the Box

  Born today was B.F. Skinner Who served rats in a box a dinner. They learned that if they  hit a lever They could dine on food forever. “It is a surprising fact that those who object most violently to the manipulation of behaviour nevertheless make the most vigorous effort to manipulate minds.” ― B.F.... Read more »

William Jennings Bryan: Creationism's War-Horse

Born today? William Jennings Bryan. Who could whip up a crowd without even tryin’. More storied than even his elocution: His mossback defense of evolution. “The issue is plain: The Evolutionists intend, through our tax-supported schools, to change our Bible and our religion. A prominent Evolutionist has put it plainly: “We intend, first, to reconstruct... Read more »

Albert Einstein: He Apologized to Isaac Newton

Born on this day was Albert Einstein, A genius whose theories define Space-Time’s proclivity For  Relativity.   Special Theory of Relativity (1905)- “The special theory of relativity can be put in a nutshell: It is not possible to measure uniform motion in any absolute way. If we are on a smoothly, uniformly moving train, we... Read more »

Percival Lowell: He Misread the Red Planet

Today’s birthday is Percival Lowell’s Who  once claimed that Mars had intelligent souls. To get Polar  water canals they had  sunk. Which turned out to be just a piece of space bunk. [Lowell's drawings of the canals on Mars]