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The worst result of the Scotus decision is mass sentences to hell?...Really!

    I  don’t know if I should tell but I might be going to hell. I have it on the best of authorities.  A ChicagoNow blogger. “Being Catholic….Really.” She blames it principally on the Supreme Court of the United States.  Scotus for short. Four of the Justices will be spared eternal damnation: Roberts, Scalia,... Read more »

Rick Santorum tells the Pope that science is none of his business

  Santorum doesn’t have any quarrels When the Pope talks on faith and on morals. But he seethes with defiance When the Pope uses  science To warn  global warming  kills corals.  

Easter: Living in a high rise

  Dead to the world, the Good Lord stayed For three days in a tomb. He then decided to upgrade And got a better room.

Mike Pence is doubling down on the RFRA.

    Taken at his word,  Governor Pence Has befriended gay ladies and gents. “Our law was designed With no bias in mind. The  problem is  ambivalence.”

For Dr. King's daughter following his footsteps is a fetish

  “I love shoes and I think, deep in their souls, many women have secret love affairs with shoes. Shoes are the ultimate accessory, and I think they allow a woman to make a true fashion statement about who she is and what sets her apart from other women.”  [Bernice King in an interview appearing... Read more »

National Hot Dog Day Stirs Up Some Memories

  Today is National Hot Dog Day.   Of  this,  Peter Bella, the Cooking Cop, reminds us on the ChicagoNow circuit.  Peter reverentially says he’s going to celebrate the occasion by….drum roll please….eating a hot dog. I imagine somewhere on this day there will be or has already been  a joyous  Hot Dog Parade.   With... Read more »

On Pope Francis and the Baptism of Martians

  Was Pope Francis pulling our legs last Monday when he said he would baptize a Martian? It is a hypothetical, of course.  His point was that the Church is inclusive and will not turn away any who sincerely seek redemption.  A very kind, noble,  and compassionate gesture, to be sure. And consistent with the... Read more »

How Should a Catholic Evangelize? Let Me Tell Ya.

  How do you evangelize? asks one ChicagoNow blogger, a convert to Catholicism.  Should you talk doctrine and  cite  Biblical passages? She thinks not. The best way, she says, (if I understand her) of delivering the Good News is to model it.  I couldn’t agree more. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic.  And... Read more »

Are Boehner and Ryan Catholics in Name Only?

  John Boehner and Paul Ryan are both baptized Roman Catholics. They sure don’t act like it.  The template of virtue for Catholics, as for all Christians,  has always been the teachings of Jesus.  And Jesus, if nothing else, was an advocate for the poor.  I don’t know of  any place in the New Testament... Read more »

Johann Sebastian Bach: "He Lived But To Worship God and To Write Music."

Today’s the birthday of J.S. Bach Who wrote sacred music for a Lutheran flock. Among the Baroque there wasn’t one savvier. His most famous work is the “Well-Tempered Clavier”. “In writing his monumental ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ Bach once again wanted to create music that would help his wife and children learn to play the keyboard instruments.... Read more »