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An Enrichment Course in the Chicago Public Schools

  A contract’s not bid on  to SUPES While  outsiders must   jump through the  hoops. The Board strings along As if nothing is  wrong. You’re surprised that  we’re  taken for dupes?

A Toast to Hillary or What the GOP is

  It is official. She’s  announced For president, has Hillary. And now Republicans will buy More  stuff from a distillery.

Mike Pence is doubling down on the RFRA.

    Taken at his word,  Governor Pence Has befriended gay ladies and gents. “Our law was designed With no bias in mind. The  problem is  ambivalence.”

Scott Walker: Will an eagle land in the White House?

  “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout as a teen, has taken that motto seriously. His Eagle Scout status has him so prepared, he indicated this week, he’s ready to serve as commander in chief of the U.S. military.”[Jessie Opoien:The Cap Times] Scott Walker was asked why he’d be A... Read more »

Throwing his hat in the ring, Ted Cruz touches base with God

  The Republican party’s preparing  to  choose For president someone not likely to lose. John McCain wasn’t it Nor the one-percent Mitt And if there’s a God, it will not be Ted Cruz.  

Sharing the wisdom of what I have read: Installment #3

  Here is a passage from my commonplace book entered on 2-20-09.  Little  has changed in Congress. “No one today seriously believes that the actions of the legislative branch are informed by a collective determination to promote the common good. For this reason, periodic  Congressional efforts to curb presidential power are mostly for show and... Read more »

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and his infamous letter

  “Some Republican senators admitted Wednesday they were caught off guard by the backlash to a letter warning Iranian leaders against a nuclear agreement with President Barack Obama. And Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Republicans – many of whom blessed the missive during a brisk signing session at a Senate lunch a week ago, as... Read more »

The Signature of Senator McCain

  “I saw the letter, I saw that it looked reasonable to me and I signed it, that’s all. I sign lots of letters.” [Senator John McCain explaining to Politico why he was one of the 47 Republicans to sign the letter to Iran]   Why sign that  letter To the leaders Iranian? “I sign... Read more »

The Epistle to the Iranians

47 Republican senators,  seemingly  inspired by the God of Obstructionism, have signed a letter to “the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.  The letter, a cross between an American civics lesson and a veiled threat, was authored by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, and addresses the sensitive talks on limiting Iran’s nuclear program. Reaction from... Read more »

Rudy Guiliani: Comic Relief in an American War Drama---a la Shakespeare

    Hearken, in his cap and bells, to Rudy Guiliani: “I do not like  Barack as much as I love Ronnie.” With a hey and a ho and a hey nonny nonny. “It’s a terrible thing that I  say but true” Obama hates me and he also hates you.” With a hey and a... Read more »