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Senator McCain Slips On The Dogs of War

  Rattling his  sabers, McCain Is now itching   to fight in Ukraine. He likes nothing more Than another bad war, Repetition of which is insane.

Pope Francis, FDR, and Dante Weigh in on the Gap Between the Rich and Poor

  Wall Street is booming again. Setting records every few days.  Wealth is being created on an enormous  scale.  But the market’s high tide is not lifting all boats. The gap between the rich and poor in America keeps widening.  The 400 most wealthy Americans own more productive capital than the bottom 150 million Americans... Read more »

No, Paul Bremer, We Don't Need Your Advice On Iraq

  In search  of some  informed insight on what to do about the tinderbox in  Iraq, the Today Show went slumming this morning.  They called on, of all people, Paul Bremer. I’ll give you a few moments to recover from the shock. Yes, Paul Bremer.  He was the guy Bush II appointed to govern Iraq... Read more »

Andrew Jackson: A la Rand Paul, He Would Not Be a Fan of Federal Reserve

Born today was Andrew Jackson Who,  some  might say, with all the facts in, Was a president of the first rank. Not the least for opposing a National Bank. “Every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add… artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to... Read more »

Abraham Lincoln: Freedom's Martyr

Born today was Abraham Lincoln. Two years of war with the  South got him thinkin’: “While we  save our Union from its  dissolution, Let’s also abolish its peculiar institution.”

Stephen Decatur: "The Conqueror of the Barbary Pirates"

Born today was Stephen Decatur American sea captain and navigator. He made our early navy strong And said ‘My country, right or wrong.’ * If right, he’d die for it in any fight. If wrong, he’d  always strive to make it right. One of America’s greatest naval heroes, Decatur met an untimely death in a... Read more »

Edwin Stanton: One of The Team of Rivals

  Born today was Edwin Stanton, Secretary of War when Lincoln put Grant in. Lincoln’s rival as Goodwin describes in her pages, But  a friend at the end  when he cried  ”He belongs to the ages.”

Pope Francis: He Already Has Met the Test of Time

This is the birthday of Pope Francis. The College of Cardinals really took chances By electing a pontiff who’s earnestly busy Imitating the life of the Saint from Assisi.

Nostradamus: Some Swear by Him: Predictably

Born today was Nostradamus. On his prophecy props, I’m a true Doubting Thomas. You can decode a text  anyway that  you choose When essentially  cryptic and clearly  abstruse.

Franklin Pierce: Failed to Quell the Winds of Civil War

Born today was Franklin Pierce, While president, sectional strife was fierce. An irrepressible conflict was fact When he  signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act. “The Kansas-Nebraska Act was an 1854 bill that mandated “popular sovereignty”–allowing settlers of a territory to decide whether slavery would be allowed within a new state’s borders. Proposed by Stephen A. Douglas–Abraham Lincoln’s... Read more »