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Plantar Fasciitis Hurts: No Bull

I’m not 6-11. Not any where near it.  Nor do I play a pivotal position  on  the   Chicago Bulls.  But I proudly can say that I  once  had what Joakim Noah has : plantar fasciitis.  So I sorta know what he’s going through. As a famous Democrat once said, I  feel his pain. Vicariously.... Read more »

Bulls Win with a Defense Better Suited for the Mean Streets Than a Basketball Court

The Bulls ended the Heat’s 27-game winning streak last night. So I suppose such a  signal victory should  automatically  make this Bulls fan overjoyed. But it doesn’t. Instead it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I have to agree with Lebron James, who despite  being  Public Enemy No. 1 for many Bulls fans,  is... Read more »

When Will Derrick Rose Return? The $260 Million Question.

Derrick Rose might be a superstar, but he puts on  his Adidas like the rest of us (if  you could afford to):  one foot at a time.  So if the latest reports are right that he’s physically fit but not mentally ready,  at the very least he could deign to   dress up for a... Read more »

Rose Says He'll Come Back When 110%: 100% for Him and 10% for his Agent

The Bulls’ D. Rose is on the mend. Will his return be round the bend? We fans need him, but he don’t need us. He gets more money from Adidas..

Michael Jordan's Dirty Secret

Celebrity News: The Chicago Tribune Arts and Entertainment section says Michael Jordan never dances. M.J.’s done A lot of things Besides winning Six championship rings. He wears the best Designer clothes, And often golfs With Master pros. He’s what is called An entrepreneur Whose lamborghini Engines purr. A bon vivant, A fashion plate, Who rubs... Read more »

A Footnote to Rose's Mishap

Note: The designer of Lebron James Nike shoes tweeted that Derrick Rose may have made the wrong choice when he signed a 14-year deal with Adidas. I feel the pain of Derrick Rose In body and in psyche. Was it because Adidas Shoes Are not as good as Nike?

Serfing the NBA

I read today on the back page of the Tribune Sports section—”The Last Row”—that Bryant Gumbel compared NBA commissioner David Stern to a plantation owner. Not true. This is what Gumbel actually said, as quoted in the Trib report: “His efforts were typical of a commissioner who has always seemed eager to be viewed as some... Read more »