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Greeting Spring with a chorus of crocuses

  Author’s note: This morning in my garden I came upon a bunch of crocuses (pictured above). Their beauty took me by surprise.  Breathtaking. Angelic. They seemed to be breaking out in song. And I thought about a boy choir from London that I had seen on Channel 11, Libera.  The 32 boys in the... Read more »

Czar Nicholas II Rap

  Last night I went to bed about 10 p.m.   A hour and a half later I got up with an upset stomach.  Took something for it and turned on the TV.  On CBS a commercial had just ended and the announcer for Letterman returned with the following:  “He was highfalutin. A friend of Rasputin.... Read more »

Where Are the Songs of Yesteryear?

Where are the songs of yesteryear? The tunes that you could hum. Now they have words you cannot hear And what they say is dumb. Where are the songs of yesteryear? Whose strains were so romantic. Now at a volume too much for the ear They  leave you  all frazzled and frantic. Where are the... Read more »

What Song Punctuated Your Romance?

  “If music be the food of love, play on,”  wrote Shakespeare in “Twelfth Night”.     The  Bard probably knew from experience how passion is nourished by sweet sounds. Most lovers have a signature song that whenever it’s  heard later in life will rekindle memories of the beginnings of their romance. Our song is “Misty”.  The... Read more »

A Glowing Review of "The Sound of Music"

  Our coterie of theatergoers—6 of us, 3 cousins and their wives—had been waiting for this moment for over six months. When the curtain opened at the Civic Opera House  at the  Wednesday matinee, the moment finally arrived. We were swiftly transported to an abbey near the Austrian Alps. Where the nuns were chanting a... Read more »

Happy Birthday, Papa Hadyn!

Today in 1732 Was born Franz Joseph Haydn. If you’re of Austrian descent He’s someone  you take pride in Over a hundred symphonies He’s noted for composing. And there is one called “The Surprise” He wrote to wake the dozing. He was a friend of Mozart and Taught Beethoven technique In India you’ll hear his... Read more »

Johann Sebastian Bach: "He Lived But To Worship God and To Write Music."

Today’s the birthday of J.S. Bach Who wrote sacred music for a Lutheran flock. Among the Baroque there wasn’t one savvier. His most famous work is the “Well-Tempered Clavier”. “In writing his monumental ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’ Bach once again wanted to create music that would help his wife and children learn to play the keyboard instruments.... Read more »

Nat King Cole: No One Sang a Love Song Like Him

Born today was Nat King Cole Whose vocals evoked a  romantic glow. Who else  has  phrased a melody As crisp and   clearly  as did  he? On a personal note, during my college days, when I commuted to De Paul’s northside campus, I’d come home, put on the above album, crash on the sofa   and... Read more »

Lawrence Welk: And A One and A Two and A Happy Birthday!

  Born today was Lawrence Welk In North Dakota land of  elk. On the road to success he did cut his Knot Gordian By leading a band and by playing accordion.

Enrico Caruso: Great Italian Tenor With the "Orchid-lined Voice"

Born today Enrico Caruso Great tenors like him there have been just few so. La Donna e Mobile was one of his staples. Once being booed he stopped singing in Naples. “It was in 1901, the year of his greatest success at La Scala, when Caruso suffered his cruelest blow.  The audience he most wanted... Read more »