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Giving the Oscars a Shot in the Arm

Last Thursday I fortuitously came upon the Grantland Oscar Preview show. Three guys sitting around offering opinions about this year’s nominees.  I had never seen two of them before. Wesley Morris and Chris Connelly.  But the sassy opinionated, often controversial,  host, Bill Simmons,  I was very familiar with. Not having seen any of the films... Read more »

"The Interview" Is a Poor Choice for Defending Free Expression

If ever a movie deserved prior censorship, The Interview would qualify.   I’m all for the 1st Amendment, but really, Mr. President, perhaps on this one you should have let Sony roll in its own bleep! By all accounts, the movie is dreadful.  (Read Variety’s scathing assessment)   It’s based on a fatuous premise, and, in this... Read more »

Why Will Smith and Drugs Don't Mix

    Inside Hollywood: In a recent  interview, 39-year-old Will Smith explained why he never took to recreational drugs: “Through my teenage years I was too focused on sex to even think about any other vices. I’m much the same now. No drugs and only the occasional drink.” I’ve something in common with actor Will... Read more »

Synchronicity and an Elephant Named Bauer

    I’ve written before on my blog about uncanny coincidences, those  random events close in time that are so aptly connected that they seem to be providential.  The famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote a book about them. He called them synchronicities. They were, in his words, “temporally connected occurrences of acausal events.” Jung thought... Read more »

"Magic in the Moonlight" Is Fun for Everyone Who's Ever Fallen in Love

  We finally caught up with seeing “Magic in the Moonlight”, Woody Allen’s latest flim. And in any light, we can testify, it is truly a magical experience. We—my wife, Julie, I, and her mom, Helen—found it delightfully engaging from start to finish.  We loved it so much we didn’t want it to end. I... Read more »

Philip Seymour Hoffman Dazzles in "A Most Wanted Man"

  My wife, her mom, and I made a rare visit to a movie theater yesterday.  The stars, I guess, must have been  in perfect alignment . I  did the usual groundwork, investigating  the offerings at the local big-screen emporiums. My first choice, Woody Allen’s “Magic in the Moonlight”,  wasn’t available  at the usual places. ... Read more »

How Well Do You Know The Movies of Jimmy Stewart? Take These Scenic Views and Find Out.

Jimmy Stewart was one of our most beloved actors. He made close to 80 films. Many of them cinematic  treasures. He was absolutely inimitable. Can you identify each of the following of his movies with its  telltale  scene? If you get them all, you deserve to be honorary president of the Jimmy Stewart Fan Club. ... Read more »

Downton Abbey and a Milestone in the Movies

A century ago yesterday the first full-length color movie opened in England. “The World, the Flesh and the Devil”.  The title comes from the Book of Common Prayer. According to my Downton Abbey deck calendar, it was a “silent British drama, directed by F. Martin Thornton…about a rotten lawyer trying to find a way to... Read more »

Mickey Rooney and Thomas Edison

  On Sunday Mickey Rooney gave a command performance for his Maker . I hope he got good reviews. Mickey was a genuine Hollywood movie star.  In his  salad days he was usually boffo at the  box office. Coincidentally, on the day Rooney passed on, the   Quote-Acrostic  in the Tribune’s “Life and Style” section ... Read more »

Captain Kidd: King of Pirates

Born today was Captain Kidd. This  legendary pirate hid His gold  on isles with sundry coves. Some still search for  his treasure troves. “[Richard Knight] hired a small fishing boat and navigated by the stars until he hit land. At first light he tied up the vessel and made his way across the island with... Read more »