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Frankenfish is coming to your supermarket

  “Coming soon to your grocery store’s seafood counter: genetically engineered salmon. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved the first Atlantic salmon that is genetically engineered. The decision comes as critics charge the so-called “frankenfish” is unsafe and could harm the environment.” [The Washington Examiner]   I’ve never met a Frankenfish; I hope... Read more »

Judy Marcus: Vegetable Masseuse

“Why you should be massaging your kale” Is a post that I saw on the rail. So I read what was written: Kale’s sweeter when  bitten After rubbing it down head to tail.  

Meditation on the Fall

  Now the  trees shed the  leaves that  forsake them Just as God in His wisdom did make them. But I wish in His plan That He didn’t make man As the one who’d eventually rake them.

A saintly indulgence in Orland Park

“Thousands of Catholic faithful filed into St. Francis of Assisi Church in Orland Park on Wednesday, some waiting for an hour or more to touch the glass casket holding the remains of St. Maria Goretti, the youngest saint canonized by the Roman Catholic Church.”  [Chicago Tribune]     In the ‘burbs  you can visit a... Read more »

The Pope's visit, in just a few words

  “The pope has left the United States, but details are still coming out about his trip. Here’s a big one: Last Thursday afternoon, during his time in Washington, D.C., he met with Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who has refused to perform same-sex marriages, her lawyers say.” []   The Pope is gone,... Read more »

A revolution in recruiting

  “As if job interviews weren’t stomach-churning enough, imagine sitting through one while looping around the Navy Pier Ferris wheel. Top executives from ad agency Havas Worldwide commandeered six of the Ferris wheel’s gondolas Tuesday morning to interview job candidates for several dozen positions, giving each applicant two revolutions of the wheel — about 15... Read more »

A jester is running for president (No, it's not Donald Trump)

  “Jimmy Morales, a comic actor who once played a blundering cowboy who accidentally became president, appeared on his way to a surprise victory in the first round of Guatemala’s presidential election on Sunday, but didn’t secure enough votes to avoid an October runoff.” [Juan Montes in the Wall Street Journal]   In politics there... Read more »

The kitchen is not a red-light district (with a shout out to Brett Baker)

  Author’s note: The table for the following verse was set by “Can we please stop describing food as sexy?” by ChicagoNow blogger Brett Baker.   As for cooking shows one of my wishes Is that, whether of meats or of fishes, I don’t want  cuisine To be raw or obscene So stop  calling them... Read more »

Trump doing Time? A misdeal.

  As Trump’s poll numbers steadily climb It isn’t surprising that I’m So happy they got What’s like his mugshot To put on the cover of Time.  

What if I wrote my own obitiuary? Thanks, Ed Nickow, for the suggestion

  All good and noble things I’d say When writing my obituary And  I would  end it in this way. “Of course, remember ‘Here lies Jerry’”