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How will you spend Memorial Day?

    On Memorial Day will you honor  the lives Of Americans killed in a war? Or nosh while  you chatter with friends and their wives On pop culture topics that bore?

A song for Mother's Day

    Let us not forget our Moms Their gentle hands, their tender calms. Their strength, their unconditioned love, Their wisdom when to give a shove. Among the hours of our days, Set time aside to give them praise.  

Easter: Living in a high rise

  Dead to the world, the Good Lord stayed For three days in a tomb. He then decided to upgrade And got a better room.

The Paradox of Love

  I’d give my heart, my Valentine, No strings attached and whole If I could give what once was mine What long ago you stole.   [Old Love Song, by Paul Klee]

A Wisconsin Mayor Gets an Earful from the Groundhog

  The mayor of the small Wisconsin town of Sun Prairie  yesterday,  on Groundhog Day,  was  unceremoniously bitten on the ear  by the very  creature being celebrated.  He was taken totally by surprise.  Before he was taken for medical attention.  Mayor Jonathan Freund could have avoided this embarrassingly  uncivil demonstration if he had only read... Read more »

A New Year's Wish

The old year ends, The new begins. We hope we leave Behind our sins.   The new begins, The old year ends. May Time and We Remain good friends.

Carol of the Bills

  Fa la la la la, la la la la I’ve bought all the presents For family and friend. There’s a hole in my budget I’ll have to amend. I enjoy  the good cheer, But again apprehend: The best part of Christmas? It comes to an end. Fa la la la la, la la la... Read more »

25 Curiosities About the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday this year, it’s a good time to recall who these brave and fearless signers of our birth certificate were.  Living and breathing, flesh and blood real human beings.  With different backgrounds, personalities, fortunes, and loves.  What follows are 25 ways to know them better. 1. Over 20... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

  Spring has a full head of steam. And Mother’s Day beckons. For a vast number  of us,  it’s a perfect intersection. Mothers and Spring. Nature’s way of affirming “Life!” So to all moms, “Happy Mother’s Day!”  Especially to my Mom whose memory I will affectionately honor this coming Sunday.  Bernice Partacz, nee Babula.  She... Read more »

Abraham Lincoln: Freedom's Martyr

Born today was Abraham Lincoln. Two years of war with the  South got him thinkin’: “While we  save our Union from its  dissolution, Let’s also abolish its peculiar institution.”