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On growing old with America

  The years pass by with stunning speed; Just now I did accrue one. One day I was a certain age. The next I am a new one.

My fondest hope on this 4th of July

  On the  4th of July let us all  celebrate The American Revolution. But instead of the fireworks, I think,  it’d be  great If we read the Constitution.

A minority report on the Fourth of July

  Of the Fourth I am not a big backer The explosions unsettle my nerves. When it goes off  each damn  firecracker Gets the curses I think it deserves.

Breaking news: A very perilous present

  “It turns out that maneuvering a hoverboard is not as easy as it looks, and people are wiping out on them. To make matters worse, fiendish friends and family members are uploading videos of these wipeouts to social media.” []   This Christmas she was gifted with A trendy toy: a hoverboard. She got... Read more »

In the afterglow of Christmas

  The trouble with Christmas it comes and goes fast. Like all the good things in life, it doesn’t last. So we should be saddened; Instead let’s be  gladdened To think on the joy of the Christmas just passed.

Testing your Xmas carol I.Q.

Given the words of stanzas usually not sung, can you identify the following traditional Christmas favorites?  [This quiz is indebted to  ChicagoNow blogger Margaret Serious’s post “Christmas carols with words worth defending”] 1. Then let us all with one accord// Sing praises to our heavenly Lord. 2. O morning stars, together// Proclaim the holy birth//... Read more »

We don't need an epidemic of Santas

{The following verse came about after I read “Too Many Santas” by ChicagoNow blogger One Bad Mom]   There’re far too many Santa Clauses Shilling  for commercial bosses. The spirit of Christmas is in ourselves And doesn’t depend on roundabout elves.

A place for Christmas in a troubled world

  The warring among us won’t cease Though  the chances of doomsday increase. Still we hope that the Savior Forgives our behavior And helps good-willed people  bring peace.

Gratitude for the commonplace

  For the good things in life I give thanks: For the rivers that run in their banks. For the rise of the sun, And occasional fun, And some mustard to put on my franks.

Marketing Santa at Woodfield Mall

  ‘The modern St. Nick accepts online reservations at some shopping malls.”  [Above the fold on today’s front page of the Trib] Are you thinking of putting your tot on his lap And snapping a shot of the Kris Kringle chap? Then online pay the rate So you won’t have to wait. Or perhaps Macy’s... Read more »