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His physical indicates Trump can serve his time

  It is clear Trump’s an overweight male; Yet a doctor’s determined he’s hale. He does not exercise And he eats supersize But he’s fit to be free or in jail.            

Reflecting on the soda pop impost

  Some people won’t swallow The new tax on soda. Their lives would be sweeter They think with its coda.  

Trump's stats so far

  As Trump comes to his 100-day mark, He has hit nothing out of the park. Of the things he’s been bragging About?  They are lagging, And it’s clear his bite’s less than his bark.  

Paul Ryan's defense of the AHCA: Echoes of Ayn Rand

  “Paul Ryan’s edict: CBO estimate showing millions losing insurance just a ‘beauty contest’” [  headline]     CBO, CBO, we doubt you. We have our own figures to sell. We’re going to go on without you; And f…. all the people not well.

The blank health slate of the 115th Congress

  The Affordable Care Act Republicans will Repeal and replace when Trump signs his first bill. After all of their pains, One question remains: Just what is their own plan on Capitol Hill?  

It's a Wonderful Life without Trump

  Christmas movies, they claim, that are sappy Will uplift you and make your heart happy. So watch Stewart as  Bailey And you won’t feel so wailey Thinking what Trump may do that is crappy.      

Of roller coasters and kidney stones

“Riding a roller coaster could help ease the passage of small kidney stones, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.” [AARP Bulletin, November 2016]   Troubled by small kidney stones? That stabbing  pain you can’t abide? Taking Advil, aspirin, Doan’s? There’s something you may not have tried.  ... Read more »

The weight of the presidency will now be on Trump

  Now Trump will be put to the test. Though I’m not sure how well he has known it. His decisions will be second-guessed And each policy failure he’ll own it.

Trump's own opinion of his health

    Trump says he feels the same as when he was thirty: Narcissistic, greedy, ruthless, bombastic  and flirty.

On Nothing

    “But the one skill Maddon seemingly is proudest of is the art of doing nothing. According to the Cubs‘ manager, no one does nothing better than him. ‘I really enjoy that,’ he said. ‘I didn’t have enough chance to do nothing last offseason. I want more of an opportunity to do nothing, and... Read more »