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There's more to being president than having the look of one

“And now that the meeting is over, and both Trump and Nieto have made their formal statements, it’s clear Trump has been given a crucial presidential-looking shot in the arm from perhaps the one foreign leader we least expected to give it to him. But that’s not where the positives for Trump end, not by... Read more »

A good reason not to vote for Trump: He admires dictators.

  Trump tells us that he is our savior. That alone he can solve what upsets us. But we don’t need someone whose behavior Empowers him and just forgets us.  

Overcoming the tragedy in Dallas

  “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters. If not, we will perish.”  [Congressman John Lewis]   In Dallas five innocent officers died Protecting the right of assembly outside. Let us not solely call out Whose fault in the fallout. But heal the wounds joining hands unified.

The Purple Reign of Elizabeth II

  Here’s to the nonagenarian Queen Whose reign is the longest her country has seen. Whom age neither withers nor custom gnarls. I can’t say the same  for Prince Charles.  

Trump, what if? It's time to take the sideshow seriously.

  Like most everybody I love a good jest. Especially one that convulses the chest. But the humor’s much darker When a carnival barker May be the next president. Who would have guessed?

GOP asks Hillary if she's a Socialist: Hello! We're all Socialists.

  Hillary haters are milling new grist They’re labeling her a crypto-Socialist. But Social Security And Medicare surety Are programs on which all the voters  insist.  

On gun violence, NRA stands for No Reasonable Action

  I listened and liked what Obama did say About gun  background checks  the other day. Since they’re  common sense  steps, Why do  NRA reps Keep  pretending he’ll take all  their weapons away?

Plutocracy and the obsolescent Middle Class

  It’s been nice knowing you, Middle Class. For you’ve  virtually vanished, alas But it shouldn’t surprise Since the One-Percent buys Votes to get their bills needed to pass.  

Kevin McCarthy speaks the speech tripping on his tongue

  “In McCarthy’s Monday address, Russia’s hybrid warfare became ‘high-bred warfare,’ and restrictions on U.S. energy shipments became ‘the band on America.’ He spoke of the ‘beth path forward to safety and security’; he asserted that Syria’s regime uses chemical weapons ‘to the very day’; he argued that the Soviet Union collapsed ‘because of America’s... Read more »

Thoughts on the upcoming Papal Visit

  Pope Francis is headed our way. He’ll speak in September they say. If Republicans listen, They’ll learn  what they’re missin’. Why they should do more than just pray.