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Bruce Rauner's Idea of Tax Reform

  Bruce Rauner says he wants to raise The FICA  and Medicare taxes. Though he hasn’t  paid either one these days As he counts what he saves and relaxes.

Pope Francis, FDR, and Dante Weigh in on the Gap Between the Rich and Poor

  Wall Street is booming again. Setting records every few days.  Wealth is being created on an enormous  scale.  But the market’s high tide is not lifting all boats. The gap between the rich and poor in America keeps widening.  The 400 most wealthy Americans own more productive capital than the bottom 150 million Americans... Read more »

No, Paul Bremer, We Don't Need Your Advice On Iraq

  In search  of some  informed insight on what to do about the tinderbox in  Iraq, the Today Show went slumming this morning.  They called on, of all people, Paul Bremer. I’ll give you a few moments to recover from the shock. Yes, Paul Bremer.  He was the guy Bush II appointed to govern Iraq... Read more »

Let's Face It: The Republicans Will Never Support This President.

  President Barack  Obama Did apprehend and kill Osama. He’s ending what George Bush began In dangerous Afghanistan. And just in case you have   lost track, Our troops have exited Iraq. But Republicans still give  him grief For failing as  Commander-in- Chief. They hint  that like some Wizard of Oz, he Pulled the levers... Read more »

On Turtles, Vernon Hills, and Senator McConnell

  It may or may  not be a case of using their reptilian brains,  but the  good people of Vernon Hills—about 38 miles by car north of Chicago—-are putting up signs to warn drivers about turtle pedestrians. Vernon Hills is home to the Half-Day Forest Preserves in Lake County. It’s all of 7.92 square miles... Read more »

How I Got Vertigo From Sean Hannity's Spin On Cliven Bundy

  I made sure I caught Sean Hannity on Fox last night.  I expected to see him eat crow over the Cliven Bundy misstep. That is, Crow with a Jim before it. Hannity had promoted the misguided sovereign citizen Bundy who was defying the Federal government over grazing fees on its land. Understand, that’s land... Read more »

Prickly City: Carmen and Winslow Will Be Better Off With Obamacare. Wait and See.

  I came upon the comic strip above—Prickly City— in this morning’s Tribune.  It’s clever, no doubt.  And I like  its satirical edge.  Packs a punch. Of course,  its main target is the Affordable Care Act.   But it manages to incorporate some sharp thrusts at  the overreach of drones and the pandemic snooping of the... Read more »

The Supreme Court Rules That the First Amendment Bends Toward Money

  By now the news may have percolated enough  through the  media  for many Americans to realize that  the Supreme Court  under the inestimable John Roberts has loosened restrictions on individual campaign contributions.  An individual still is limited to  $2,600 per candidate  ($5,200 total for primary and general elections), but the max (currently at $48,600)... Read more »

Are Boehner and Ryan Catholics in Name Only?

  John Boehner and Paul Ryan are both baptized Roman Catholics. They sure don’t act like it.  The template of virtue for Catholics, as for all Christians,  has always been the teachings of Jesus.  And Jesus, if nothing else, was an advocate for the poor.  I don’t know of  any place in the New Testament... Read more »

John C. Calhoun: His View of Government Resonates with the GOP

  Born today?  John C. Calhoun. Who thought states’ rights a real boon. His stubborn stance  on nullification Resulted in slavery’s annihilation. “The theory of nullification is based on the concept that the States are the final decision-makers when it comes to the limits of the federal government. The theory indicated that the federal laws... Read more »