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How well do you know "Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World"?

  Test your knowledge of some of the plants described in the fascinating book “Remarkable Plants That Shape Our World” by Helen and William Bynum.   A score of 7 or more right qualifies you as a budding botanist. Answers ensue. 1. This wood is used in some of the famous Ludwig drums and for the... Read more »

An Enchanted Evening Happened 66 years ago today. Coincidentally speaking.

  I played pinochle earlier today. Wound up winning  $8. In one of the games I caught all the kings. All 8 of ‘em! That gave me 80 points toward the 100 needed to win a game. Which I did the very next hand. Now that’s a lot of luck with a little skill mixed... Read more »

Another coincidence to write about: Sorry for being so late, Jimmy

Not long ago, our ringmaster invited us bloggers to write about a coincidence. I didn’t respond at the time. I had written before about coincidences.  They seem to pop up so  often in my life that I believe they must be more than coincidences.  Providential,  if that is an accurate  word for it. I should... Read more »

Staying Jung Might Be Just a Coincidence

I’ve written about my encounters with coincidences.  They seem to be regular occurrences in my otherwise predictable existence.  The great psychoanalyst Carl Jung thought they were examples of what he called archetypes, vestiges in our subconscious of our primitive ancestors. Last week, for example,  the brakes on my Mitsubishi Lancer had started to grind,  so... Read more »

Countries in the News: How Well Do You Know Them? Take This Test and See.

  A recent Washington Post poll showed that only 1 out of every 6 Americans can locate Ukraine on the map(see above).  The median respondent was about 1800 miles off. How well do you know your world geopraphy? Take the following quiz and find out. Listed below, in alphabetical order,  are 18 countries mentioned in... Read more »

How Smart Are You? Take This Crossword IQ Test

  I’m a cruciverbalist. I solve crossword puzzles. Or at least try to. Here are some clever clues from one—-a New York Times Saturday no less—from 2009. No, it didn’t take me that long to solve it . It just happens to be one left from a desk calendar whose daily puzzles I saved to... Read more »

Charles Goren: Mr. Bridge

Born today was Charles Goren. He helped bridge players  improve their  scorin’. On how the bid’s collaborated He frequently pontificated. Far and away my favorite quote on the subject comes from Woody Allen: “If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.”

P.T. Barnum: Entrepreneur, Showman, Astute Marketeer

Born today was P.T. Barnum. His Circus gave him fame and stardom. With Jenny Lind and Tom Thumb in it, ‘Twas fun for the sucker born every minute.* *There is a sucker born every minute Each time the second hand sweeps to the top Like dandelions up they pop, Their ears so big, their eyes... Read more »

Bridge Over Arabia

Born today, Omar Sharif, Foe of Lawrence on the screen. Took up bridge to get relief From director David Lean.

Urine Gaming System: Not for the Lame Stream Media

(Based on the Chicago Tribune Sports Article “Urine for a good time at minor league park”) At Coca-Cola Park In Allentown, PA. There’ll be video game The men will  pee to play. In  front of urinals They’ll  open and take aim Engaging with a screen To score high in the game. Then later with a... Read more »