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Trump putting Melania front and center

Melania Trump will now speak for her spouse. Her silence has been like the quietest mouse Though the Donald’s assigned her To give a stem-winder She likely will smile more and showcase her blouse.

On accepting social change

  I don’t think I’ll ever grow fond of cell phones; Of their omnipresence and annoying ringtones. I have one perforce, For convenience, of course. One has to keep up with the families Jones.  

The Strange Fashion Choice of Savannah Guthrie

  On the Today Show this morning, Savannah Guthrie wore the most curious of dresses. OK, who am I, you ask, to be talking about dresses? No expert to be sure.  But there was something about her dress that anyone with any common sense and even a rudimentary sense of , let’s say, style  would... Read more »

Alexander Graham Bell: What Would He Say About the Selfie?

Born today was Mr. Bell, Invented the phone, as  all know so  well. He couldn’t  foresee it , for better or worse: Contemporary clones some consider a curse.

Levi Strauss: First Name In Pants

Born today was Levi Strauss Whose pants are worn around the house. And if the  husband is a mouse, They’re  probably worn by his spouse.   “In 1872, a Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis asked Strauss to join him in a business venture. He had added metal rivets to the pockets of denim pants, making... Read more »

Louis Tiffany: The Epitome of Beautiful Windows and Lamps

  Born today was Louis Tiffany. Precious  few of us, if any, Alone or en masse, Not aesthetically mesmerized by his stained glass. “Salvaged from the Laurelton Hall living room, this[“Spring”] is one of the Four Seasons window panels produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany c. 1899–1900. The four panels were exhibited at Exposition Universelle, Paris... Read more »

Mary Quant: The Goddess of Mod

  Born today was Mary Quant: In her life fashion was paramount. Feminine legs  are much better overt And so she invented the  miniskirt. I love vulgarity, good taste is death, vulgarity is life” ― Mary Quant Being true to her principles, she was appointed in 1966  to the Order of the British Empire and ... Read more »

Jane Austen: Henry Adams Ranked Her With Shakespeare

Born on this day was Jane Austen. Legions of us have got  lost in Life in her observant novels.* British upper crust—no hovels. *In chronological order: 1. Sense and Sensibility 2. Pride and Prejudice 3. Mansfield Park 4. Emma 5. Northanger Abbey 6. Persuasion In Closing: This year marks the bicentennial of  the publication of... Read more »

Lillian Russell: "An American Beauty" of the Gilded Age

Born today was Lillian Russell. Hers was the era of the booty-ful bustle. Actress, singer, society lady, Whose sugar daddy was Diamond Jim Brady. “Returning to the United States in 1884, Russell was in the news frequently because of her personal life—her marriage to Solomon in 1884 was annulled nine years later after his arrest for bigamy,... Read more »

Giovanni Canaletto: A Virtuoso of Venice...Does His Name Ring a Bell?

Born today was Canaletto He painted Venice (but not its Ghetto) The palaces on its Canals; The Campanile with its bells.* *”Each of the original five bells had names and were rung to signal  specific events: the Maleficio signaled that a capital execution was going to take place.  La Trottiera called magistrates to the Palazzo... Read more »