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Synchronicity and an Elephant Named Bauer

    I’ve written before on my blog about uncanny coincidences, those  random events close in time that are so aptly connected that they seem to be providential.  The famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote a book about them. He called them synchronicities. They were, in his words, “temporally connected occurrences of acausal events.” Jung thought... Read more »

I Bet Alexander Graham Bell (Who Died on This Day) Never Saw This Coming

Today in 1922 Died Alexander Graham Bell. So blessed he was he never knew The social nuisance of a cell.

National Hot Dog Day Stirs Up Some Memories

  Today is National Hot Dog Day.   Of  this,  Peter Bella, the Cooking Cop, reminds us on the ChicagoNow circuit.  Peter reverentially says he’s going to celebrate the occasion by….drum roll please….eating a hot dog. I imagine somewhere on this day there will be or has already been  a joyous  Hot Dog Parade.   With... Read more »

25 Curiosities About the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday this year, it’s a good time to recall who these brave and fearless signers of our birth certificate were.  Living and breathing, flesh and blood real human beings.  With different backgrounds, personalities, fortunes, and loves.  What follows are 25 ways to know them better. 1. Over 20... Read more »

On the Subject of Pain

  I have low tolerance for pain. There, I’ve said it. Doctors have told me just the opposite.  But I don’t believe them. The subject of pain hit me the other day when my son Jeff had to get  a scan for a sore sole. He stepped the wrong way but didn’t know how or ... Read more »

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

  Spring has a full head of steam. And Mother’s Day beckons. For a vast number  of us,  it’s a perfect intersection. Mothers and Spring. Nature’s way of affirming “Life!” So to all moms, “Happy Mother’s Day!”  Especially to my Mom whose memory I will affectionately honor this coming Sunday.  Bernice Partacz, nee Babula.  She... Read more »

Bill O'Reilly Takes Aim At Stephen Colbert

  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My!  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My! Not to worry, Fox Nation. Bill O’Reilly has his blunderbuss and will protect ye. As Christians close in on their holiest day, Easter,  Bill has put on the  armor of righteousness  to  join  battle with yet   another Anti-Christ: Stephen Colbert.  And... Read more »

Robert Frost: He Had a Lover's Quarrel With the World

Born today was Robert Frost. Of New England with its  rivers crossed, Of  fortunes cast by a  pair of dice tossed, He wrote. Of  love and childhood lost. Asking For Roses   by Robert Frost A house that lacks, seemingly, mistress and master, With doors that none but the wind ever closes, Its floor all... Read more »

Alexander Graham Bell: What Would He Say About the Selfie?

Born today was Mr. Bell, Invented the phone, as  all know so  well. He couldn’t  foresee it , for better or worse: Contemporary clones some consider a curse.

Theodore Geisel: If He'd Never Been Born, Well Then What Would We Do?

Today is the birthday of Theodore Geisel Children no matter their age or their size’ll Admit they were read  him just  out of the womb, The dear Dr. Seuss, which is his nom de plume.