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A song for Mother's Day

    Let us not forget our Moms Their gentle hands, their tender calms. Their strength, their unconditioned love, Their wisdom when to give a shove. Among the hours of our days, Set time aside to give them praise.  

Gary gives up the ghost

  “The name Gary is becoming incredibly rare, according to data from There were only 442 babies given the name in 2013, compared to more than 38,000 in 1952″  [Fox News] Fewer babies are being named Gary, Which may  presage its obituary. Its demise and decline May be hard to define; But it could... Read more »

Is Cindy Crawford's Body All That Important?

  The above unvarnished photo of Cindy Crawford at the ripe-old age of 47 has gone viral. Which means it’s enjoying an ephemeral buzzfest on social media.  Some are talking about it like it’s a watershed for the feminist movement.  “Empowering”. “A teachable moment”. The photo appeared in a 2013 edition of the fashion-beauty-health  magazine... Read more »

The Paradox of Love

  I’d give my heart, my Valentine, No strings attached and whole If I could give what once was mine What long ago you stole.   [Old Love Song, by Paul Klee]

Immunization: Nothing measly about it

  We had our children vaccinated They never got the spots. And now they’re older and elated That we called the shots.

Representative Aaron Schock Tilts with the Minimum Wage

  Ilinois Republican Congressman Aaron Schock appeared last night on MSNBC after the State of the Union address.  In case you forgot or didn’t know, MSNBC is the Progressive antidote to Fox News. Republican elected officials are generally phobic about MSNBC, and approach it with trepidation, if at all.  So I give Mr. Schock credit... Read more »

Advice to Anyone Contemplating Marriage

  Headline in the Life + Style section of the Sunday Tribune: “Lavish wedding may increase risk of divorce: study” A study shows the more you spend On your wedding speeds its end. Fewer guests and more expense Aren’t good ideas;  hence If you plan on getting hitched Be frugal and  you won’t be ditched.

Synchronicity and an Elephant Named Bauer

    I’ve written before on my blog about uncanny coincidences, those  random events close in time that are so aptly connected that they seem to be providential.  The famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote a book about them. He called them synchronicities. They were, in his words, “temporally connected occurrences of acausal events.” Jung thought... Read more »

I Bet Alexander Graham Bell (Who Died on This Day) Never Saw This Coming

Today in 1922 Died Alexander Graham Bell. So blessed he was he never knew The social nuisance of a cell.

National Hot Dog Day Stirs Up Some Memories

  Today is National Hot Dog Day.   Of  this,  Peter Bella, the Cooking Cop, reminds us on the ChicagoNow circuit.  Peter reverentially says he’s going to celebrate the occasion by….drum roll please….eating a hot dog. I imagine somewhere on this day there will be or has already been  a joyous  Hot Dog Parade.   With... Read more »