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Dinner with Madonna. And her new album with an ironic lisp.

  Spoiler alert. I’m not a card-carrying Madonna fan. Which is not to say she doesn’t have talent.  Of some sort. Or other. It’s just that for my tastes she’s always been a little…over the top?  In your face? Crude?  You know what I mean. So her latest album is not by any stretch of... Read more »

The elephant escapes the circus, but still is endangered

  Behold the noble elephant So gentle and intelligent. The  circuses vow not to  use them, Which has been one way to abuse them. That said,  all  efforts must be made To ban the senseless ivory trade.  

Are you a stoner? Take this test and find out.

On the wall near my computer is a chart I bought at Hobby Lobby entitled “Minerals of the World”.  Pictured on it are 40 common minerals.  Can you identify 10 of these?  If you can get 5 or more, you earn the right to be a stoner first-degree. 1. If it glitters, it may not... Read more »

"Cos" Celebre

  I’ve been meaning to write about Bill Cosby.  But I’ve been struggling on what to say. I’ve always tried to give the benefit of the doubt.  By temperament, I’m reluctant to jump to conclusions. Allegations are allegations.  But… There are so many of them. And will more women emerge with more of the same... Read more »

Why Will Smith and Drugs Don't Mix

    Inside Hollywood: In a recent  interview, 39-year-old Will Smith explained why he never took to recreational drugs: “Through my teenage years I was too focused on sex to even think about any other vices. I’m much the same now. No drugs and only the occasional drink.” I’ve something in common with actor Will... Read more »

Thank You, Mr. Clooney, For Taking the Weight Off My Shoulders

A security breach by a loony, The war between Shia and Sunni. From this terror and grief Therapeutic relief Was  the tying the knot of George Clooney.      

Name Your Poison: Can You Pass This Bar Exam?

Here’s a test that has all the ingredients for making you  the life of the party.  Or for  just coming down after a stressful day.  Can you identify the alcoholic beverage from what goes into making it?  Belly up to the bar and find out with the following twenty  blends.  Answers follow for those still... Read more »

Yoda and Darth Vader Will Soon Be Chicagoans

  From the hours of A.M. to P.M. R2D2 and Han Solo, see ‘em. Tween the Lake and  the Drive Will the Force come alive At George Lucas’s Star Wars Museum.

A Glowing Review of "The Sound of Music"

  Our coterie of theatergoers—6 of us, 3 cousins and their wives—had been waiting for this moment for over six months. When the curtain opened at the Civic Opera House  at the  Wednesday matinee, the moment finally arrived. We were swiftly transported to an abbey near the Austrian Alps. Where the nuns were chanting a... Read more »

Bill O'Reilly Takes Aim At Stephen Colbert

  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My!  Liberals, Progressives, and Gays, Oh, My! Not to worry, Fox Nation. Bill O’Reilly has his blunderbuss and will protect ye. As Christians close in on their holiest day, Easter,  Bill has put on the  armor of righteousness  to  join  battle with yet   another Anti-Christ: Stephen Colbert.  And... Read more »