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My thoughts on Trump's perfect running mate

  Trump is picking his second banana. Someone closer to being mens sana. An act who’s less sicker A regular bootlicker He could take to the Copacabana.  

Reflections on the passing of Muhammad Ali

  Death has taken Muhammad Ali far away. The  pugilist poet, the “Greatest” they say. In the ring  was a showman; Who was better?  Was no man.. But what a steep price did he pay.    

Is the Star Wars museum worth fighting for?

  If George Lucas does not get his way He will bid to Chicago “Good day.” He will take all his props And his museum shops Where they’re willing for tchotchkes to pay.  

In the Cubs camp, silence is golden

  The Cub fans see glory this Spring. With anticipation simmering. March may be the time For a” loquacious” mime By  October ’twill be deafening.            

Steve Harvey's beauty of a blunder

  Steve Harvey was really amiss When he named the victorious Miss. On the live TV set He  was filled with regret And apologized for his reMiss.      

The George Lucas "Mistake on the Lake"

  [I wrote the following verse after reading "The homely Lucas Museum, a vanity project, must not be built" in Joey Korom's blog 'Chicago Architecture Journal']   Some people don’t fancy Star Wars on the Lake, The Lucas Museum that is on the make. A gelatinous blob Where the fans would hobnob For Han Solo’s... Read more »

Trump soporific on Saturday Night Live

Disclaimer:  I tuned out after an hour, wondering whatever happened to the Saturday Night Live I once was addicted to.. I was surprised to see on SNL Trump boring and distressful. It would have served  him better if The boycott were successful.    

Oprah joins Weight Watchers and gains

  Oprah’s brand is as solid as rock; Paved with gold are the streets on her block. So when Weight Watchers went And sold her ten percent All the fat cats began to take stock.

Were Carson Daly and Kris Bryant separated at birth?

  I have this peculiar sixth sense.  No, I don’t see dead people.  I see likenesses between celebrities. Maybe you do too. This morning while half-heartedly watching the Today Show—which my regular readers know is on in the interests of marital peace—I had another epiphany. It occurred to me that Carson Daly ( the nonentity... Read more »

Dinner with Madonna. And her new album with an ironic lisp.

  Spoiler alert. I’m not a card-carrying Madonna fan. Which is not to say she doesn’t have talent.  Of some sort. Or other. It’s just that for my tastes she’s always been a little…over the top?  In your face? Crude?  You know what I mean. So her latest album is not by any stretch of... Read more »