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My Favorite Quote

    I  could fill many spiral notebooks with my favorite quotes. And I did so  over the many years I taught in parochial and public schools. Here is one I especially like because of how the author.,Ashley Montagu,  answers the perennial question, Nature or Nurture? “The evidence strongly suggests that it can no longer... Read more »

An Enrichment Course in the Chicago Public Schools

  A contract’s not bid on  to SUPES While  outsiders must   jump through the  hoops. The Board strings along As if nothing is  wrong. You’re surprised that  we’re  taken for dupes?

Presidential words to live by

During my years in the classroom, I had my students keep journals of daily quotations.  Here is a collection of inspiring (or at least intriguing) words from the Oval Office. 1. “We are citizens of the world; and the tragedy of our times is that we do not know this.” [Woodrow Wilson] 2. “Gambling is... Read more »

Are you a stoner? Take this test and find out.

On the wall near my computer is a chart I bought at Hobby Lobby entitled “Minerals of the World”.  Pictured on it are 40 common minerals.  Can you identify 10 of these?  If you can get 5 or more, you earn the right to be a stoner first-degree. 1. If it glitters, it may not... Read more »

Teachers I Won't Forget

  I could write  a book about the teachers I  had.  I’m sure I  learned something from each of them. If it were only  how not to teach. That was important , you see, because I went on to become a teacher myself. And for that I could appreciate all of them and what they... Read more »

Taking the Rap Off Test Anxiety: One Bubble at a Time

  “How do you relieve stress? Everyone has their own preference when it comes to how they relieve stress. In Poland…they’re using bubble wrap. The Vocational College in southern Poland offered its students bubble wrap as a stress reliever during exams. According to the “pop poll stress survey”, one minute of popping the bubbles provides... Read more »

Advice To Graduates in 10 Easy Steps

  Now is the time of year when everybody and his grandmother are giving advice to graduates.  So why shouldn’t I ? What follows are 10 bits of advice from the  quotes I had my students record at the outset of every school day. 1, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at... Read more »

How Should a Catholic Evangelize? Let Me Tell Ya.

  How do you evangelize? asks one ChicagoNow blogger, a convert to Catholicism.  Should you talk doctrine and  cite  Biblical passages? She thinks not. The best way, she says, (if I understand her) of delivering the Good News is to model it.  I couldn’t agree more. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic.  And... Read more »

Countries in the News: How Well Do You Know Them? Take This Test and See.

  A recent Washington Post poll showed that only 1 out of every 6 Americans can locate Ukraine on the map(see above).  The median respondent was about 1800 miles off. How well do you know your world geopraphy? Take the following quiz and find out. Listed below, in alphabetical order,  are 18 countries mentioned in... Read more »

Want To Learn Japanese? Try This.

  When I was teaching at the junior high level, I had my students keep a quote notebook. Every day, their first order of business was to enter the day’s quotation written on the chalkboard. They followed a very simple template. Date, quote, author. As an example, let me give one of my favorites that... Read more »