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Bruce Rauner's Idea of Tax Reform

  Bruce Rauner says he wants to raise The FICA  and Medicare taxes. Though he hasn’t  paid either one these days As he counts what he saves and relaxes.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: He Towers Over All Presidents of Modern Times

Today’s the birthday of  Franklin D.  Roosevelt. When our country the Greatest  Depression was dealt, He found a fresh deck and he opened the seal; Rebooted  the game with what’s called “The New Deal”. New Deal programs with the deepest impact on American life: (1) Social Security Act; (2) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; (3) Securities... Read more »

Salmon P. Chase: A High Profile in U.S. Currency

Born today was Salmon P. Chase Rival of Lincoln in a  presidential race. Decided for the Union in a landmark case. On the ten thou bill you will see his face. [Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase swearing in President U.S. Grant to a second term on March 4, 1873]

Richard Warren Sears: He Once Towered Over the Retail World

Born today was  Richard Warren Sears. Through the mail he sold the most goods for years. Now that sales have tanked, it’s assumed, He’s rolling over where he’s entombed. Watching Out: “If you buy a good watch you will always be satisfied, and at our prices a good watch will influence the sale of another good... Read more »

Bill Gates: Uses His Money to Buy Happiness for Others

  Today’s the birthday of Bill Gates, Not  one of Dame Fortune’s ingrates. A humanitarian with a Microsoft heart* He’s  raised his philanthropy into an art. *Gates  has given over $36 billion to various causes and charities. He has even  pledged with fellow Forbes Richest 400  Warren Buffett and  Mark Zuckerberg , Facebook CEO , to donate half their... Read more »

Henry Ford: Automobile Mogul and Marketing Genius

Today’s birthday is Henry Ford’s. His  Model T’s came with running boards. You could choose any color right off the rack As long as the color you chose  was black. On the other hand:  “Ford was a vicious anti-Semite. He despised Jews, bankers, and unions. And wrote hate-filled pamphlets linking all three.  He seemed to have associated... Read more »

John D. Rockefeller: American Croesus

  Today was born John D. Rockefeller, Oil magnate,  monopolist,  buyer and seller. Amassed a vast fortune, the most in his time. An old man, he’d meet you and give you a dime. LAMB: So if we were to find John D. Rockefeller Sr. at his worst moment, or as defined by somebody like Ida Tarbell,... Read more »

Adam Smith: Not Lazy Fare

Born today economist Adam Smith Whom  our  Founding Fathers were smitten with.* If you’ve the  time and plenty  of patience Read his treatise  ” Wealth of Nations”.   *So thinks Roy C. Smith in his book “Adam Smith and the Origins of American Enterprise: How the Founding Fathers Turned to a Great Economist’s Writings and Created the American Economy.”  Progressive... Read more »