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Emulating Fred Astaire may keep seniors young

“Aging brings a decline in mental and physical fitness, but a new study shows an easy,  fun way to reverse the signs of aging in the brain–dancing.  Researchers examined two different fitness routines and found that while both had an anti-aging effect on the brains of  the elderly, dancing had the most profound effect.”  []... Read more »

Marcel Marceau: His Silence Was Golden

Today was born Marcel Marceau Master mime from head to toe. He spoke of life, sad or absurd And uttered not a single word. Marceau was also adept at printmaking. Above is his ‘Bip at Night’.   I leave you with words of wisdom from the great Marceau. And I quote him verbatim: ”                                                                                             “.

Edouard Manet: "The Painter of Modern Life"

[Can you find Manet in his painting of a concert in the Tuileries Gardens?] Born today: Edouard Manet. His paintings reflect how they lived  in his day The Folies-Bergere in a mirror is viewed Or in anticipation a prostitute nude. “This was the painting with which Manet shocked the art establishment of Second Empire Paris.... Read more »

Mitzi Gaynor: There Is Nothing Like This Dame

Born today was Mitzi Gaynor, Dynamic, gorgeous entertainer. Singing and dancing—was terrific As Nellie Forbush in “South Pacific”. “Nellie Forbush was one of the first feminist characters and she didn’t know it,” Gaynor said. “She was just a little girl from Little Rock.  A nice girl from a nice family- brought up right. Nellie was college... Read more »

Josephine Baker: World-renowned Singer, Dancer, Actress, Civil Rights Activist and Decorated World War II Heroine

Today’s the birthday of Josephine Baker, The toast in the ’20s of Gay Paree. On the Cabaret stage was a mover and shaker* Whose outfits left more than a little to see.   *”She is in constant motion, her body writhing like a snake , or more precisely, like a dipping saxophone. Music seems to... Read more »

Fred Astaire: Consummate Film and Stage Dancer-Actor-Singer-Choreographer-Mirabile Dictu

Born today was Fred Astaire* Who danced as if he danced on air. And once to demonstrate  his feeling He even danced upon the ceiling. *What others said about him: 1. Graham Greene: “Mr. Astaire is the nearest approach we are ever likely to have to a human Mickey Mouse; he might have been drawn... Read more »

Grey's a Little Greyer

Dancer, singer Joel Grey Is 81 this April day. He welcomed us in Cabaret. Und mit das damen was risque.

Miley Cyrus Goes to Twerk

While my coffee this morning was perking, The Today Show had something on “twerking”. And it said Miley Cyrus Had a case of this virus Which involves the backside overworking.

The Harlem Shake: What Freud Would Have Said

A dance craze is sweeping the nation it seems; They call it the Harlem Shake. It looks like a series of real bad dreams Of someone who’s swallowed a snake.

Michael Jordan's Dirty Secret

Celebrity News: The Chicago Tribune Arts and Entertainment section says Michael Jordan never dances. M.J.’s done A lot of things Besides winning Six championship rings. He wears the best Designer clothes, And often golfs With Master pros. He’s what is called An entrepreneur Whose lamborghini Engines purr. A bon vivant, A fashion plate, Who rubs... Read more »