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Another Swamp Creature slithers away

  Ryan Zinke will leave the Trump administration While he’s under a federal investigation. Of course like the rest of them He’s one of the best of them Who ever served in the course of our nation.

When it comes to the Promised Land, Trump's no Moses

      In the world of Trump you can lie, cheat and steal, Accomplish your ends whatsoever the means. The Bible is that of the art of  the deal, And  Mammon is God and the state Philistines.  

Donald Trump: A life-threatening toxin in our body politic

    What did we do to deserve to be cursed With a president who is the worst of the worst? He was duly elected But now us has infected With a pernicious boil that Bob Mueller must burst.    

The GOP channels the Robber Barons

“The test of progress is not whether we add more to those who already have much but whether we provide enough for those who have little.  If civilization is to survive, we must share the wealth in peace.”  Franklin Delano Roosevelt   The Republicans think we are dumb; The rich get the cake, we the... Read more »

Ryan, McConnell, the Memo, and the Trumpian Fifth column

  The FBI’s under attack. We must all gird our loins and fight back. The Republicans help To save Mr. Trump’s scalp; Is there any who isn’t a hack?

Assail Price

  Private jet travel  on tax-payers’ dime Is chiefly unthinkable  most of the time. When something’s so costly, then it should suffice less. That’s why HHS is deservedly priceless.  

Flynngate: 3 critical points to investigate

Among the questions swirling round: Did Flynn resign or was he fired? And what did Trump know on the ground? And who  with Putin has  conspired?