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The Case Against Torture As a Function of National Security

  My wife doesn’t like to talk politics.  We seldom do.  And usually I’m on a soapbox doing my Patrick Henry impersonation. She listens and nods her head.  Until I’ve run out of words. This morning I brought up what many are talking about: the role torture has played since 9-11.  The Senate’s report has... Read more »

How Should a Catholic Evangelize? Let Me Tell Ya.

  How do you evangelize? asks one ChicagoNow blogger, a convert to Catholicism.  Should you talk doctrine and  cite  Biblical passages? She thinks not. The best way, she says, (if I understand her) of delivering the Good News is to model it.  I couldn’t agree more. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic.  And... Read more »

The Supreme Court Rules That the First Amendment Bends Toward Money

  By now the news may have percolated enough  through the  media  for many Americans to realize that  the Supreme Court  under the inestimable John Roberts has loosened restrictions on individual campaign contributions.  An individual still is limited to  $2,600 per candidate  ($5,200 total for primary and general elections), but the max (currently at $48,600)... Read more »

John C. Calhoun: His View of Government Resonates with the GOP

  Born today?  John C. Calhoun. Who thought states’ rights a real boon. His stubborn stance  on nullification Resulted in slavery’s annihilation. “The theory of nullification is based on the concept that the States are the final decision-makers when it comes to the limits of the federal government. The theory indicated that the federal laws... Read more »

Andrew Jackson: A la Rand Paul, He Would Not Be a Fan of Federal Reserve

Born today was Andrew Jackson Who,  some  might say, with all the facts in, Was a president of the first rank. Not the least for opposing a National Bank. “Every man is equally entitled to protection by law; but when the laws undertake to add… artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges, to... Read more »

Abraham Lincoln: Freedom's Martyr

Born today was Abraham Lincoln. Two years of war with the  South got him thinkin’: “While we  save our Union from its  dissolution, Let’s also abolish its peculiar institution.”

James Otis: An Unsung Hero of the American Revolution

Today’s the birthday of James Otis. He fulminated  against the King’s operandi modus. He averred  in the  Revolutionary hassle That America’s home was America’s castle. [James Otis before the Boston Colonial court]   “The writs[of assistance] were general search warrants that permitted the authorities to search anywhere they pleased for any reason-or for no reason.... Read more »

Rosa Parks: Black History In Transit, Or The Fare Lady of Civil Rights

  Born today was Rosa Parks. Her  courage gets the highest marks. She changed the way we look at us By simply sitting on a bus. [The bus that Rosa Parks was arrested on,  December 1, 1955 , in Montgomery, Alabama. It  is now  in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.]

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: He Towers Over All Presidents of Modern Times

Today’s the birthday of  Franklin D.  Roosevelt. When our country the Greatest  Depression was dealt, He found a fresh deck and he opened the seal; Rebooted  the game with what’s called “The New Deal”. New Deal programs with the deepest impact on American life: (1) Social Security Act; (2) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; (3) Securities... Read more »

Thomas Paine: Firebrand for Freedom

Today’s birthday is Thomas Paine’s. Agent provocateur ‘gainst tyrannical reigns. This  rousing  pamphleteer was  a  clarion call For American independence and freedom for all. One of my favorite Paine quotes is from his pamphlet “The Crisis”. “Mutual fear is the principal link in the chain of mutual love.”  What inspired cadence and symmetry!