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Will Trump consider her as his Veep?

  His running mate Trump says could be A woman. Fortuitously, Wouldn’t it be gnarly, If he would pick Carly, Who’s fired more people than he?    

Uber-phobia in France

  French cabbies  might not have  read Camus, Sartre or Buber Yet they have existentially An angst over Uber.    

NBC exec would prefer hockey goes beardless

“An NBC Sports exec doesn’t think hockey players should grow “playoff beards,” because it obscures their handsome good looks.” []   A hockey game often gets hairy Sticks flying while goalies make saves. So wherefore is NBC wary That there’s nary a player who shaves.

Thoughts on building a neighborhood

  “We live in a world where everything is branded.” Sean Conlon, real estate developer, quoted in “Developers hoping ‘NoCa,’ ‘River South’ catch on: Companies planning residential projects on Near West, Near South sides launch efforts to brand areas, add new neighborhoods to city’s lexicon” from the Tribune’s Business section on May 13. “What unites... Read more »

Sharing the wisdom of what I have read: Installment #1

  I’ve been collecting passages from what I read for many years now.  It has been for me a kind of memory bank of stimulating ideas and felicitous ways of expressing them.  After I had been doing this for awhile, I discovered that it was a common practice among writers and thinkers in the past.... Read more »

Lent: Is there any profit in it?

  Author’s Note: The following verse was inspired by “Are you tired of Lent? by ChicagoNow blogger Pam Spano.   Are you sick of the season of Lent? When you must sacrifice and repent? You  can’t wait till Easter To act like a feaster? Then you’re part of the top one percent.

Storefront Verse, Or a Game of Names

  Yesterday I was driving north on Pulaski Road on my way to play pinochle at my aunt’s.    When I caught a glimpse of a store sign I’ve noticed many times before in passing.  ” Paco’s Tacos”. It got me thinking. Now there’s a good rhyme or reason for a post. How many others could... Read more »

"This Place Is a Zoo"---A Libelous Misnomer

Note: I am indebted to ChicagoNow blogger Margaret Laing (a.k.a. Margaret Serious) whose post ”This place is a zoo’ is a compliment not an insult” was the genesis of the following verse. Some people who don’t have a clue Might utter “This place is a zoo:” Although  chaos,  there’s more On a  stock exchange floor... Read more »

Bruce Rauner's Idea of Tax Reform

  Bruce Rauner says he wants to raise The FICA  and Medicare taxes. Though he hasn’t  paid either one these days As he counts what he saves and relaxes.

Levi Strauss: First Name In Pants

Born today was Levi Strauss Whose pants are worn around the house. And if the  husband is a mouse, They’re  probably worn by his spouse.   “In 1872, a Nevada tailor named Jacob Davis asked Strauss to join him in a business venture. He had added metal rivets to the pockets of denim pants, making... Read more »