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Easter: Living in a high rise

  Dead to the world, the Good Lord stayed For three days in a tomb. He then decided to upgrade And got a better room.

Sharing the wisdom of what I have read: Installment #2

    Here’s another perspective on Iran (Persia): “Turn back! Turn back! Look to the ancients. Old Persia can save us—those remarkable people, with their gallantry, their decorum, their self-discipline, their sensitivity, their humanity, their productivity, their animation, their originality, their vitality, their warmth, their transcendent piety.”      [Arthur Upham Pope] Pope (1881-1969) was an American... Read more »

If You Like the Bizarre and Grotesque, Catch the Ensor Show at the Art Institute

  Chances are you’ve never heard of the artist James Ensor. He was Belgian. Lived in the city of Ostend. Which he rarely left. Born 1860. Died 1949. The world virtually turned upside down during his lifetime. Evolution and Relativity. Quantum  mechanics and an expanding universe.  Psychoanalysis and existentialism.  Economic peaks and valleys. Revolution and... Read more »

On the Art of the Tattoo

  Tattoos can be a very prickly matter. Case in point. I just read a fellow ChicagoNow blogger’s critique of body art. Seems he finds it repellent. He even invokes the Old Testament as an expert witness for the prosecution. I myself do not sport any tattoos. But some of my children do.  And my... Read more »

Vincent Van Gogh: Tormented Tortured Transfixing Artist

  Born today Vincent Van Gogh Who suffered mental stress and woe. In “Starry Night” one sees this clear, In  his self-portrait sans an ear. I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. Vincent Van Gogh More Vincent Van Gogh quotes Share7.4K Topics Heart, Lost,... Read more »

Marcel Marceau: His Silence Was Golden

Today was born Marcel Marceau Master mime from head to toe. He spoke of life, sad or absurd And uttered not a single word. Marceau was also adept at printmaking. Above is his ‘Bip at Night’.   I leave you with words of wisdom from the great Marceau. And I quote him verbatim: “                                                                                             “.

Michelangelo Buonarroti: "The Divine One"

Today’s birthday is Michelangelo’s. In art nonpareil every connoisseur knows. Aren’t we fortunate Julius had ‘im Paint the primeval creation of Adam? “Michelangelo had a particular love and reverence for the naked male body, and saw it as God’s finest creation—something purely splendid in itself and yet inadequate and incomplete without being matched by an... Read more »

Howard Pyle: Errol Flynn Portrayed His Image of the Prince of Thieves

  Today’s birthday is Howard Pyle’s. He drew on the legends of the British Isles. He enlivened our fancies so that we stood In Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood. “  [Pyle] transformed Robin Hood from a bandit to a heroic defender of the weak…. Pyle’s first full length work was a highly successful interpretation of ... Read more »

Theodore Geisel: If He'd Never Been Born, Well Then What Would We Do?

Today is the birthday of Theodore Geisel Children no matter their age or their size’ll Admit they were read  him just  out of the womb, The dear Dr. Seuss, which is his nom de plume.  

Sandro Botticelli: He Epitomized the Spirit of the Renaissance

Born today was Botticelli. Art buffs would say  he’s  up their  alley. Whether young or old as Enos, You  might have seen his  “Birth of Venus”. “The legend of the birth of Venus proclaimed that the goddess was born from the genitals of her murdered father [Saturn] as they foamed in the sea, yet all... Read more »