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Pilling the cat: A fable in verse

  Author’s note: Written after reading Steve Dale’s “Pilling cats? It’s possible”. You can give medicine to a cat In the form of a shot where he’s fat But it’s more humane still To insert the right  pill If your cat would be open to that.    

Should chimpanzees enjoy some human rights?

      “According to a New York judge, two chimpanzees now have a right that until Monday was reserved for humans. The chimps, used in research at Stony Brook University, may never actually be released, but the court’s move represents a historic change in thinking about animal rights. Here’s what happened: In December 2013,... Read more »

On Turtles, Vernon Hills, and Senator McConnell

  It may or may  not be a case of using their reptilian brains,  but the  good people of Vernon Hills—about 38 miles by car north of Chicago—-are putting up signs to warn drivers about turtle pedestrians. Vernon Hills is home to the Half-Day Forest Preserves in Lake County. It’s all of 7.92 square miles... Read more »

Marlin Perkins: A Man Noah Would Have Loved

Born today was Marlin Perkins Whose TV show combed wild lurkin’s. At the zoo, once, near the lake, He was  bitten  by a poisonous snake.   It happened at Lincoln Park Zoo in the early 1950s.  Years later he described what happened in an interview. “Another reptile mishap was less chilling but perhaps more embarrassing,... Read more »

Aldo Leopold: Eloquent Crusader for a Natural Preservation Ethic

Born today was Aldo Leopold. Environmentalist of old. He said that  we, its  stewards, should Preserve the wilderness for our own good.

James Herriot: He Wrote "Little Cat-And-Dog Stories" with a Common Touch

Born today: James Herriot He wrote of his life as a English vet, Of the Yorkshire cattle you lariat Of man’s best friend or a feline pet. With a warmth and humor you seldom get.

Thumbs Up For Cats: A Send-Up For Steve Dale

If cats had thumbs, They could play drums And hold a pen or pencil. If cats had thumbs, They’d pick up crumbs And handle a utensil. If cats had thumbs, They’d brush their gums And open any door. If cats had thumbs, Their world becomes Much better than before.

Bailey And Brueghel

I take our dog, Bailey, out on a leash now. Even if only down the driveway into our roomy backyard with its array of  mini- gardens. This has been the routine since  the vet informed us that  our portly mixed breed, in all likelihood, has a torn ACL. No, he’s not on the local  canine roundball squad.... Read more »

Are Republican Minds and Hearts Too Glacial To Listen To Siku?

Siku, the unbearably cute polar bear, has become a cyber-sensation. He was born on November 22 at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark. He weighs only about 8 pounds and because his mother could not produce milk, he must be bottle-fed by three zookeepers until he is one year old. His name means “sea ice”—something no... Read more »

A Canine Methuselah's Nirvana

  The world’s oldest dog has died. His spirit’s been set free. He has enjoyed his last car ride And tinkled his last tree. He’s left his master in Japan At sixteen years plus ten. He died in peace, Pusuke-san, Because he practiced Zen.