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Heavy duty in the OR and a rhinoceros named Layla

  “She[Layla]would become, for the second time, the first living rhino to undergo a CT scan, and she would have a second, groundbreaking head surgery to deal with a life-threatening infection and sinus blockage resulting from an impacted, unerupted molar.”   [from today’s Chicago Tribune’s A & E section]   There is much I could say... Read more »

Taking Prevagen, the putative memory booster, might have unintended consequences

  In Prevagen there’s an elixir They say is a memory fixer. A wonder drug which Is in all jellyfish*, So your spine might become a  toothpick, sir.   * A jellyfish is an invertebrate; it doesn’t have a backbone.

In this digital age, the perfect salute to the president-elect, cathartically speaking

  I have a response when Trump raises his thumbs. It’s not dignified, kind, or polite. It would be offensive to him and his chums. But somehow, I think, it is right.

In Thursday's debate Trump exposed this part of his body

  “Donald Trump on Thursday addressed the issue foremost on every voter’s mind—the state of his penis. The billionaire presidential candidate said at the Republican presidential debate that, with regard to his own endowment, ‘There is no problem. I guarantee you'” []   Trump’s hands may be small but it’s not. He implies that it’s... Read more »