Trump's ignorance of science is unacceptable


Jim Carrey


Coronavirus: Trump says Dr Fauci's warning 'not acceptable'



On pandemics Fauci's considered adept

So why doesn't Trump his opinion accept?

It's the almighty dollar

Picked over a scholar

By someone who must have in science class slept.


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  • 1. There's an easier answer: He can't hold bud rallies and the 5:30 EDT briefings no longer have effect, so, as the Michigan demonstrations demonstrate, all he can do to appeal to his base is this.
    2. Speaking of his base,my mother was complaining about "all the Trump garbage" and the idiots who think they should inject disinfectants, to which I replied that [her trumpotomus sons-in-law] has already drunk a bottle of which she said "yes."
    3. Speaking of garbage, I see that someone who is living in a memory care home in Florida is still telling Illinois what to do.

  • In reply to jack:

    I agree with your first point. Attacking scientists is a part of attacking "elites." Trump knows his populist base will always go for it, particularly when these elites are keeping them from their local taverns.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I don't agree with your theorizing. This kind of Bannon theory was thrown out about 3 years ago, and nobody is more elite that Orange Psycho Donnie and his sidekick Jared. He's just trying to appeal to the dumbadzes, such as those who believe that the blood of Jesus will protect them from the corona virus if they congregate. But if there have been any outbreaks in such groups, it hasn't been reported.Also, after saying he had absolute power to open the country by Easter, going to the usual playbook of blaming others, like Pritzker and Whitmer. Of course, as Wisconsin illustrates, taverns are part of it.

    Graham is out to further confuse this part of the electorate he represents.

    Since I see that a senile journalist is trying to preach again, I'm not giving the mainstream media any kudos either. For instance, it keeps giving time to those ttrying to bnring down the legal system, like the hicks who keep suing and losing to Pritzker. Then there was Channel 7 with the big story that Trump is giving money to the CTA. While it isn't his money. they displayed a tweet ending with "buy made in the USA," which is obviously a jab at the contract with the rail car company with a plant in Hegewisch that is a China state-owned enterprise (not that there is any US owned rail car company).

    Basically, the dumbadzes on both sides have me angry and exhausted.

  • In reply to jack:

    I stick by my "theorizing." Particularly now, during a pandemic, the social division is as much rural vs. urban as right vs. left. Coming from a rural part of the country, I know that there has been for a long time resentment against the "urban elite," which includes professors, journalists, scientists and other intellectuals. But, you say, Trump is an "urban elite." Why would they support him? For the same reason that the fundamentalist evangelicals support him, even though they know he doesn't have a religious urge anywhere in his psyche..

    Donald Trump is the flashiest enemy of their enemy that they have found. They will stand by him as long as he is putting it to their enemy..

  • In reply to jnorto:

    He may be the enemy of their enemy, except when the pure Princess Ivanka married a Jew, but the bottom line is that he has always been a huckster and a conman. He knows what he has to do to maintain his con.

    Note that, despite AW's headline, he doesn't ignore science in reality. He hasn't fired Fauci, and in the vaccination press event while he gave a fairly straight statement about efforts to find a vaccine, he had to throw something to his base to the effect of we still have to open, and we've gotten through the flu before.

    BTW, to update my prior post, Channel 7 also realized that it got conned by the tweet. In the 4 pm hour, they ran a shortened version of the story, but then said they contacted CTA, which said that it was entitled to the money in March under the CARES Act. Like I said, it wasn't Trump's money, and,actually it wasn't news.

    My bottom line, which is apropos to this topic, is that we once wondered why people fell for snake oil salesmen; now we know.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    If you have doubts about whether the current class war is against the urban elites, look at today's blog by Dennis Byrne on "Coronavirus Overlords" and comments by a couple of his sychophants. Dennis summarizes his thesis by saying, "On one side are the experts, professionals, East Coast and liberal politicians and on the other are the desperate:...."

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I don't read blogs from people with Alzheimer's who unsuccessfully tried to flame me.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I have a wonderful book called "In Defense of Elitism," published when Clinton was president. I used to read it every year or so, savoring its serious love of standards and assertion that yes, some things are better than others. These days, I don't think I could see straight to read it any more, but I'll try some day.

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