Trump's Ukraine jig is up.



Impeachment inquiry is under way.

If Trump were a godly man, now he should pray.

It's a matter of time:

He's confessed to the crime.

The cat's out the bag, and this dog's had his day.


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  • 1. Your prior post certainly was before it blew wide open, and MS was certainly prescient.
    2. You are certainly correct that he has confessed on the White House lawn, and if he had 1/4th of Nixon's sense, would have resigned.
    3. I don't know why he wants a House vote on an inquiry he knows he would lose. It has been suggested it was to determine which Republican representatives are true fascists or need to be flamed.
    4. Which gets down to that since Pence doesn't have the guts to do his duty under the 25th Amendment, Ivanka or someone similarly situated should say, "Daddy, why don't you check into the Shady Acres Sanitarium for a month or you will have a cerbral hemorrhage, and let that nice man who lives with Mother take care of things?"
    5. Today I saw a bumper sticker: "Any responsible adult in 2020."

  • I hope you are right; that the jig is up. But I am not confident. Even if he House impeaches Trump, the Republican Senate is not likely to remove him from office. This means that his fate will be in the hands of the electorate next year. Even now, a hoard of cash is being fed into the massive propaganda machines. Trump already has a solid core of about 40% of the electorate, and these people are both unwavering and likely to vote. Democratic voters, whatever they declare, are less likely to show up to vote, especially if their candidate is tainted by adverse propaganda--which he or she certainly will be.
    Forty percent is enough to win an election.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    I see your point. But I hope there is much, much more to come out to doom him. Fingers and toes crossed.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Like today's report that he kept the EU ambassador from testifying and tweeted that it was a kangaroo court. Sounds like obstruction to me.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes, that sounded like obstruction of justice in this morning's headlines. Who's to obstruct the obstruction of justice?

  • In reply to jack:

    So what if it is obstruction of Congress? Will the two-thirds of the Senate vote to remove him from office? Will his 40% abandon him in the 2020 election?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    You were so concerned a couple of days ago about a legal basis for impeachment--that should be a sufficient legal basis for you.

    I previously quoted that it was a political process. Even if he isn't removed, it would show to some voters that the Democrats do take the oath to defend the Constitution seriously. Now, whether it is enough to convince about 20,000 voters in Ohio that the PSYCHOPATH and not ANTIFA is the problem, I don't know.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I'm with you -- so let's take care walking with those crossed toes of ours!

  • In the meantime, 2 of Rudy's Russian friends were indicted today on campaign finance charges. Is he going to say that he doesn't know them, or that they didn't do nothing wrong (double negative intentionally used)?

  • In reply to jack:

    News now says Ukrainian friends.

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